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Altum Videtur avatar 11:48 AM on 07.02.2012  (server time)
Cblog Analytics - June 2012

Well, that was a much more exciting month! For all of the negativity that seemed to surround it, this year's E3 didn't let us down in the attention-generation department, driving a considerable portion of June's media frenzy. Throw that in with 133 mL of sexism controversies and you've got a blogging-explosion worthy of gaming's most expensive and extravagant spectacle, for better or ill.

Or at least that's what you'd think, but while there was an increase in activity this month, it's a lot lighter than I perceived and expected. Worst-case, this means that March's staff-shift, April's 10-things-about-me, and E3 here are merely masking an overall decline hinted at in May - but I'm more convinced that the Cblogs are simply settling into something of an equilibrium now that there's no bigmajor internal thing going down. Of course, the only way to find out for sure is to check back next month and see how July shapes up - don't forget to refresh your memory on last month's edition as you read these new ones!


Remember: If there's something I haven't covered that you want to see next month, post it in the comments!

In total, precisely 400 blogs were posted this month!
-(That's 36 more than last month's count of 364!)
-What a nice, round number! Even more interestingly, this surplus is the exact same as the number of E3-related blogs

The most-blogged days were Tuesday the 5th and 26th, both with 20 blogs!
-(That's the exact same as last month's most-blogged day!)

The least-blogged day was Saturday the 16th, with 6 blogs!
-(That's 3 more than last month's least-blogged day!)
-Lowest number of blogs on a mid-month weekend. SHOCKER

On average, there were about 13 blogs a day!
-(That's 1 more than last month's average!)
-All things considered, June was a far more predictable month as far as hard numbers go; a brief surge at the beginning due to E3, low points on the weekends, etc.

The flavor of the month was once again E3, which was written about 36 times!
-(That's 27 more blogs than last month!)
-Note that quite a few other potential topics - Weeyoo Wii U, for example - fell by the wayside, as the number of blogs on such things that weren't centered around E3 didn't make the 5-blog cut. I separated Tomb Raider-related blogs from general sexism-blogs under a similar line of thinking: if it was mostly about the game itself, it goes there; otherwise, it goes in sexism/misogyny

This month's Bloggers Wanted topics prompted 36 blogs to be written!
-(That's 18 more than last month!)
-E3 was the only official topic this month, Dtoid staff! Come on, guys, give us some more stuff to write about in July

About 85% of blogs were varied enough to have less than 5 blogs per topic!
-(That's 2% less than last month!
-Even with topics, it does indeed look like the Cblogs are starting to settle into a comfortable set of numbers. Also, that little "X-is-the-worst" mini-meme made 5 blogs while Dragon's Dogma slipped off the edge with 4? For shame, people

A total of 2,479 comments were posted on the Cblogs this month!
-(That's 77 more than last month!)

28 blogs received no comments! ;_;
-(That's 3 less than last month!)

The most commented blog was I'll see you around, Destructoid., by Samit Sarkar, with 69 comments!
-(That's 30 more than last month's most-commented blog!)
-I feel I should also mention Maurice Tan's departure blog, which barely falls short at 61 comments. Godspeed, gentlemen

On average, there were 83 comments a day!
-(That's 16 more than last month!)

In total, the Dtoid community fapped 1701 times!
-(That's 189 more than last month!)
-Unlike May, you'll notice fewer large "spikes" in faps-per-day; June's totals were mostly driven by infrequent posts from popular community mainstays (as well as the aforementioned staff departure posts) rather than the more even distribution of hot stuff we've seen in previous months

87 blogs went through the month fap-free! ;_;
-(That's 17 more than last time!)
-This is probably the only stat that is "worse" this go around, but that makes sense considering the trend I just mentioned

The sluttiest blog was also I'll see you around, Destructoid., by Samit Sarkar, with 67 faps!
-(That's 30 more than last month's sluttiest blog!)
-I once again feel it prudent to plug Maurice Tan's post, which trails just behind at 65 faps

On average, there were 57 faps a day!
-(That's 6 more than last month!)

This month, 47 new members posted their first Cblog! (That's 6 more than last month!) In order of appearance, they are:

Chonglei Chen - Ficos Gaming Mind - Brian Brennan - McSlaughter - chrisbradshaw - James Crisp - PandaOnIce - Teenydinosaurs - Kramda66 - Solar20XX - - Radox Redux - theinternat - Kent Lundblad - BrittanyG - MacManus - Equipollent - Stephen Blaze - bigboss0110 - AntDaGamer - Cramjomlin - McFlyGold - BossFightTV - kearns87 - Tex Deckard - gaminglife - fzzywarbals - Camiwaits - Megabyte - P45K - mystakin - Falldog - SkintCrayon - ccesarano - Stephen Carlander - otrapendejada - Stealth - RPG Mania - DigestiveGaming - solidturtleman - Ali Sed - Poetaster - seagaia - KazuoTS - PinkRanger - therealdanhill - mullen10 - accurization


-Until a better method presents itself, statistics are counted by hand, per-day. Comments and Faps are recorded at the end of the next day, to give the community ample time to read and respond. I also do my best to disregard obvious spam-posts, but I can easily miss one or skip over what's actually just a really shoddy & self-aggrandizing but otherwise legit Cblog. This means that there are likely minor errors and inaccuracies present, but none of them should be significant enough to invalidate anything

-Cblog Recaps and last month's Analytics are not counted, but all other serials (like FNF) are, under the rationale that serials still exist for the purpose of "creating" content under a certain topic or theme, while the Recaps & Analytics merely seek to sort and organize the blogs

-For the flavor of the month, I do not count Bloggers Wanted topics - the statistic is instead recorded separately. A Bloggers Wanted topic that covers another popular, non-BW topic is only filed under the BW statistic

-There is still some inherent subjectivity in deciding what constitutes a "unique topic," so keep that in mind if there seems like there's some obvious category that I've ignored (although feel free to tell me)

-Statistics are not intended to impart any kind of judgment or opinion in and of themselves - If I have any personal thoughts, they are noted below the corresponding statistic

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