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Do you like challenge? Do you love games? Do you like challenging games? Are you an un-boring person? Do you love your mother? Whatís with the cheap form of rhetoric? Is this an interrogation? Where did you hide the body?! Well to answer all of these questions: Etrian Odyssey Untold.

Since Iíve already been given the pleasure of experiencing the previous game and knowing what to expect, Iíll share my first experience ever in the series, Etrian Odyssey 4, which by the way is not too much different from Untold. I honestly had no idea such an awesome franchise even existed until I saw Etrian Odyssey 4 on the eShop.

So I saw this pretty convincing anime-esque looking title on the eShop and saw that this wasn't just any mumbo jumbo cheapo software being sold for a mere $5. It was a whopping $40. What in the world? I had to check this out to see if it was really worth it. My mind was pretty much blown away. The graphics were impressive, especially from a huge improvement of just sprites and portraits. The gameplay was surprisingly very fun despite my initial opinion of old-school RPG's. The menus were flashy and the character customization was simply a huge plus. The music especially was what sold me. Simply amazing. Any person who plays this could easily tell that this game was given quite the effort.

In short, I was simply amazed at how awesome this game was. Now there's another one? Let me just tell you that Untold is just as good as 4 if not better. It has a few twists here and there which makes it a lot more fun. You also get a pretty hefty slice of the rather interesting story, which is totally new to the series.

+ Graphics
+ Revived Old-school gameplay (very fun and challenging)
+ Flashy menus and character customization
+ Amazing music

Heheh, funny story actually. I was happening to love the demo of Etrian Odyssey 4 so much that I actually took the time to draw out one of the events in the demo where I fought an amazingly memorable and difficult boss. And by a fortunate turn of events, I found out a day later that there was a contest for a FREE copy of the game hosted by Destructoid. Through my incessant persuasion and word-play, I was able to seduce Mr. Andy Dixon into including my drawing a day after the deadline. The competition was rough but I was able to be one of the winners. Thanks again to Mr. Andy Dixon and Destructoid for the free copy of Etrian Odyssey 4! Just goes to show how much non-creepy and socially acceptable admiration can really pay off.

"But you've got no hands! How were you able to make something like this?"
"Hard work and determination."

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, demo now available at the eShop! Download it now and get kicked in the face with fun! Donít worry about how far you get in the demo, you can transfer your save!