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Altered Beets's blog

12:00 AM on 01.25.2009

Edge of Reality is out! (a game I made to download and heap scorn on)

Hey DToiders. Remember my last post? HERE? As anyone who knows me is aware, I haven't been posting much because a bunch of projects are now coming to a head. Well this one has come, all over, spurting from my head like so...   read

5:38 PM on 01.12.2009

Trailer(s) for my first game of the Year: Edge of Reality

This month begins my game self-promotion blitz. I intend to upload several games I have made over the years between now and March, either updates of old games, incomplete projects that I have finally finished, or updates on ...   read

11:32 AM on 01.10.2009

Coming back with presents for all!

Hey D'Toiders This is a brief message from me, Altered Beets. Remember me? I haven't posted for a while due to my various projects and exhausting new job, and I'm not going back to my daily posting regimen any time soon, b...   read

6:53 AM on 12.07.2008

Last Post: Juggling Lessons Part 2

Well, last post in a while, that is. In addition to taking a break for writing (as any regular readers will know), I'm also moving back to Canada, and will have no internet for a bit. But I did promise another video on Jugg...   read

1:08 AM on 12.01.2008

Letter to My Ex-Boyfriend, NPC

Dear Tony, It's so hard to write this. You know I love you. You've been such a great guy, always at my side and all, always there. We had fun at Rollerworld, though you insisted on just walking back and forth in a predete...   read

12:56 AM on 12.01.2008

Bowing out for the time being

Hey all you cats and kittens, Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I post a lot. Usually every day I make one or two contributions. Sometimes these are popular posts that get shown around the office water-cooler, ...   read

3:50 AM on 11.27.2008

REAALLY LATE OT WEDNESDAY: Complete Juggling Lessons by Me!

Well, parts 1-3 anyway. Look. Geeks play video games. I suppose non-geeks do as well, but if there's one thing geeks are expected to do, it's play those video games. Also, people with too much spare time. But what do you...   read

12:08 PM on 11.25.2008

Gears of War II as Written by Terry Pratchett

The universe, conventionally speaking, does not have corners. It has curves. Curves that spin and drop and coil into an infinite patchwork of blackness. And in the upper left-hand corner of this blackness there is a world....   read

1:32 PM on 11.24.2008

Back in the Day Once More: THIS is Why I Brought A Wii

Hmm? Oh, I try to avoid the expression "back in the day," yeah. Being all "back in the day" automatically ages me, which would be fine if I were made of cheese. As I'm not, it suggests that I'm no longer in the day. Man...   read

2:54 AM on 11.21.2008

The Writers from "House MD" Solve "Sam and Max Hit the Road."

INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY. DAY HOUSE is walking down a hospital hallway (set #02) when he is interrupted by CAMERON HOUSE: You're in my way. CAMERON (Handing him clipboard): We've got a dog and a rabbit, trying to get ins...   read

4:09 AM on 11.20.2008

The Ogopogo Mystery: How A Small Canadian Town Made Waves in Final Fantasy IV

When Final Fantasy IV left the localization team as Final Fantasy II back in 1991, a few small things were changed. Like removing the Tentacle Porn sidequest and changing Gorecap Bloodbane's name to G. Rubybn. References to...   read

3:49 PM on 11.19.2008

Missed opportunities: OT Wednesday

I had a really cool project all scheduled for this Off-Topic Wednesday, but it's not finished, so it'll have to wait until next week. Until then, here's something of my own that's very much in progress and totally unrelated ...   read

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