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Altair78 avatar 10:45 AM on 03.01.2009  (server time)
I need an ass-whoopin in SF4 for PS3... care to do the honors? <My reintroduction into DToid>

<Steps inside the DToid Blogs for the first time in many months and looks around. Starts to clear off some of the dust from his old entries and approaches the mic at the center of his stage. Looks to see only a few people around. Takes a deep breath and begins, clearing his through on the barely functioning mic to get attention...>

Hello fellow DToiders. I will get to the point of my Street Fighter request, but let me get my re-intro and a life update/story out the way first. I promise it will be quick.

For all those new and old, my actual name is Rick. Even though I live in the land of crappy drivers (ie. Washington state), I'm originally from Southern California (and I'll always be a Californian). My username, Altair78 (pronounced All-tear, not al-te-air like said game character {though he is cool as well, don't get me wrong}), has been a part of the DToid community for a while. I used to post often enough that I gathered a few friends, a DToid editor or two would remember me, and I think my blog was actually referenced once. I never made anything to be apart of the front page, but I still felt apart of the family and all that. I did, however, start to grow a little jealous... I guess envious is a better word.

My life consisted of work, pleasing the wife, and gaming when I can (which was very few hours a week). My wife wasn't a hog of time, I'm just that type of guy... when the female ask for something gaming or not I listen. Strange, I know. Anyway, my gaming became less and less, and in turn my attendance here died as well. I'd read, but never post. The envious part comes in something I've always seen... people saying "I beat this RPG in 50 hours!" when it'd take me a few months and 100 hours just to get halfway. Seeing rooms that look like this one (still an awesome room) and thinking "damn, if I only had the money and time...". Even looking at the Friday Night Fights and being mad I was too tired from work/doing something with the wife/studying for tests and couldn't join in the fun. There were plenty of times I shook my fists at the ceiling. My wife didn't play video games (couldn't get the hang of it no matter what game I sat in front of her... she was that bad), so I was always, all in all, playing by myself (too bad I'm a few days late for my own submission of February’s Monthly Musings).

Well, plenty of changes happened at the end of 2008... namely my wife become an "ex" wife. Before you all say "I'm sorry", it's not horrible. A few issued piled up, including an issue you wouldn't believe even if I told you, and we parted ways on mutual grounds. But, with the leaving my m ex... I noticed something... I've got more time on my hands and a place to myself. And I guess, for anyone that's saying "hey, that bouncing boob avatar is back!", I'm posting on here again... back with my family and my roots of video games.

So, about that Street Fighter 4 request... I was going through my friend's list on my PS3 and noticed a majority of them haven't been on in ages. I wanna clean them out, but I know I'll only have like 3 to 5 friends worth keeping. I've asked this before in the past on this blog, so I'm giving it another shot. I need friends for my PS3... namely Street Fighter 4 players. I'm alright in the game, but I wanna get better... and to get better I need to get my ass kicked repeatedly. I can't think of a better group of not-so-random people than the DToid community. I wanna be one of the peeps to watch out for. I want my skills to grow to a point where people on here will sometimes say "Watch out for Altair... give that dude a chance and he'll stomp on you with (Street Fighter character here)".

So, all in all fellow DToid members, I wanna come back and be bigger than "the guy that post here once every puke green moon". Initiate me back in here in a way I know you guys can...


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