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Alphadeus's blog

2:02 PM on 11.10.2015

NVGR: Music, thoughts, and a request for help.

Hello friends, First off, I wanted to share a new song I wrote: Closing In (2015) - This song is kind of special, because it's the first time I used a technique called "Sidechaining" to create a pulsating beat that affects se...   read

7:45 AM on 10.23.2015

Music Blog : News + Piano Journals

Hello, friends. I just wanted to write a blog update on some things. I put prices on almost all of my Bandcamp albums, except Songs for Gamers, which I want to keep free, since it's a gift to the community. I did it for 2 rea...   read

9:58 AM on 10.02.2015

The Ultimate Alphadeus Music Promotion Blog

Hello friends. My name is Alphadeus, as many of you probably already know :p I've been wanting to write a music promotion blog for a while. I've written tons of music, and I love sharing it with you guys. While I do not have ...   read

8:41 AM on 09.03.2015

Music: New Album Released "Nonsensicals V"

Hello friends, I released a new album. I also released an EP that might have flew under the radar since I only posted about it in Quickpost. "ADBC" is the name of the EP. ADBC - EP by Alphadeus It is a 7-track EP. The first E...   read

7:08 AM on 06.11.2015

New Music : 2AD15 - II

Hello, friends. I've released a new album of music called "2AD15 - II". It is part of the 2AD1X series of albums I've been releasing since 2014. I released 3 last year, and this is my second one this year. As far as futu...   read

4:55 AM on 04.18.2015

10 Things + 10 Comparsions about Me + Sure Ask Me Anything :p

I read Mr Andy Dixon's blog and it inspired me to make a similar one. It's difficult for me to come up with 10 things about myself, because there's a lot to know about me. I'm going to compare myself to Andy's list of 10...   read

6:38 AM on 04.11.2015

[NVGR] Where's the Music!?

Hello, friends. I wanted to write a blog to update you guys on several things. First, a little bit of "promotion", I set up a Patreon, in case for some reason, someone felt like supporting me without having to pay for my...   read

8:19 AM on 04.01.2015

Songs for Gamers Volume IV Update (10/20) *April Fools Joke

EDIT: I'm updating this blog to let people know (since it's no longer April 1st) that this blog post was an April Fools joke. I originally hid it, but I figure it'd be fun to keep around, even though I spoil the "surpris...   read

8:39 AM on 03.27.2015

New Music Album: 2AD15 - I / Status of Songs for Gamers Volume IV

Good day, friends. I released a new album earlier that I wanted to share (what else is new!? :p). It's called 2AD15 - I. I suppose it has an odd name if you haven't seen me post before, but since I'm terrible with names,...   read

9:11 AM on 03.15.2015

[NVGR] Something I wrote during my darkest time.


6:45 AM on 01.24.2015

Songs for Gamers Volume III - Released

Hello friends, I wanted to share with you the Bandcamp link to the album I had been working on since the beginning of January. I'm sure you've seen it before, but now you can download it! I highly recommend free. I encou...   read

7:59 AM on 01.18.2015

Songs for Gamers Volume III - Update 2 of ? (Feedback needed)

Hello friends, I wanted to share the next 10 tracks with you, but I also wanted to get some feedback/thoughts on something. I might be having an issue with my audio setup that may slow down or even prevent me from writin...   read

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