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Ok So, I'm scared shitless about doing this, since I always feel more comfortable simply lurking the intertubes.
Anyways that aside let me introduce myself. My name Is Augusto I'm 28 yo and I usually go by the handle AlphaRedux what's does AlphaRedux mean?? I don't even know lol, but I like the way it sounds plus there are a few things in there that makes me relate to that name such as my initials, that are the first three letters in the word alpha and redux well it just sounds cool to me, actually after some little google it says: Redux adj.Brought back; returned. Used postpositively. So there's that...Alpha is back postpositively! hehe
I found a soul asylum in Destructoid after the Gertsmanngate how naive I was at that time...dear god thankfully D-Toid opened my eyes and showed me the way!! After about a couple of years I found out that Jeff Gerstmann was working for another indie blog (Giant bomb)but it was too late, I was already hooked to destructoid for good. :-)
Ok, so my video game story, well that's pretty long so I'll just say I've been gaming since the NES era so I've come a long way, Unfortunately I don't collect consoles I Rather stay current, if nostalgia kicks back then it's time to fire up an emulator and problem solved.
My current gaming console is the ps3, I used to have a 360 since day launch but It RRoD'd for the last time on me and my warranty expired, just around the time Uncharted for ps3 came out along the first price cut and the 40gb model...what can I say...I jumped on the ps3 bandwagon in a heartbeat! lol and it has been a good ride so far.
Pc gaming..did that, just not my thing anymore plus I'm a Macwhore now so there's that as well,lol
And the Wii simply doesn't cut it for me I do love the DSi though
Anyhow that was just whatever I could come up with for my intro, mind you this is my first time I decide to show up like this on the internet aside from FB which I rarely use since most my family and friends are in there and they get really invasive sometimes... but I have to put up with it otherwise they start complaining why I'm blocking them or silly stuff like that, privacy...thou shall not have!!
Enough of that I say, I'm here Because I love video games and also, I love this community }:-)
ps: Feel free to add me on PSN: AlphaRedux /subject Destructoid
Thanks for Reading }:-)

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