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Alpha 87655320875 avatar 6:49 PM on 03.14.2008  (server time)
Handsome Tom’s Side of the Story

This is a follow up to my "Handsome Tom and Perfect Liz Leave Screwattack" Post.

If you'd like to hear Craig's side of the story stop by and you'll find it. I'm only posting Tom's side, because he doesn't have a mega site up like Screwattack to make his voice heard. Here is his latest statement about the matter.


Craig’s statement on the podcast was insulting to tell the truth. We started ScrewAttack together, and both brought things to the table. I came in with my gaming collection, and my knowledge about video games, and Craig brought his knowledge of the Radio industry. In the beginning, all he was interested in doing was a podcast, and wanted it to be about gaming because of what I was bringing to the table. A friend of mine created the ScrewAttack webpage that everyone is so familiar with, and is also designing what ScrewAttack is about to become. We both put a lot of time, effort and ideas into making the site what it is today. Like Craig stated in the podcast he did go behind my back and register the company. I had asked him on several occasions to go and get it registered together. He would always say “No, let’s wait” and went ahead an did it anyway, without telling me.

I did give Craig 2 options, either I would be a part of the company
like agreed in the beginning and again at the beginning of the GT contract, or
I would be paid on PERFORMANCE *(not just a raise).
Let me give you an example:
(none of the following is not common knowledge)
ScrewAttack gets paid by views on GT, on the internet it’s called CPM (meaning per thousand views). I wanted to be paid like the Angry Video Game Nerd. He is paid a percent of his performance on GT.
Let me show you the number of views that anyone can look up….

Tom: 16,848,531
Craig: 10,469,958
Nerd: 18,398,149

I am a 1 1/2 million views away from the Nerd, and Craig is 8 million away.
How exactly was I not pulling my own weight? Not only did I perform on GT, I also performed consistently on ScrewAttack for 2 years. I did not ask for any of the merchandise money, nor any advertisement money, just the money that I deserved, based on my performance. Think about it… if I was really getting paid to do nothing, why would I leave? He says that we were friends, but why did he feel the need to insult me on the podcast?
I didn’t go in depth about any of my reasons for leaving in my announcement post, which Craig was apparently threatened enough by to delete. Insulting me for 25 minutes on a podcast is not the way to keep a friendship….especially when he keeps letting everyone know it’s business not personal.

I will not respond to any statement that Craig says after this post
about my involvement with ScrewAttack. I will also not insult him
or talk bad about anyone involved. That would not only be unprofessional
but would lower my standards as a person.
What’s next? Well, we have a new site we’re very excited about, The teaser will be up early next week! Please email me and give me any feedback or if you want to contribute that would be awesome! Until the site is launched my email address will be: [email protected]

Thanks for all your support
Handsome Tom"


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