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Allistair Pinsof's blog

Allistair Pinsof avatar 10:58 PM on 08.02.2011
QuakerCon: Are You Going?

As Dtoid's sole Texas representative, I'll be covering QuakeCon 2011 this week.

It's my first time so I'm a bit wet behind the ears. I look forward to playing some Rocket Arena, looking on shamefully at the BAWLS Chugging Tournament and spotting shady porn trades at 4am.

On top of that, I'll be previewing some much anticipated games (including first looks at the new Tribes and Arkane's return-to-glory with Dishonored) and interviewing some game devs -- one in particular that I am especially looking forward to.

Are you guys going? Want to play some Rocket Arena cash games? Want to trade gigs of LOTR-themed porn? Leave a comment below and lets organize a Dtoid meet-up.

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