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Allistair Pinsof avatar 7:28 PM on 05.05.2011  (server time)
New Destructoid writer expands site's corgi coverage

Perhaps out of a momentary lapse of judgment spurred by an escalating "bath salts" addiction, Destructoid has recruited me as a features intern to provide event coverage, new feature series and video content for the site. In the past I've written for Escapist Magazine, Bitmob and The Daily Texan.

Everyone loves lists and everyone loves talking about themselves, so let's see if I can combine the two and come out with a list that will surely spur 100+ comments of nothing but pure love.

I mean, that's completely reasonable, right?

5. I Love Chad!

I have the lovely Chad Concelmo to thank for recruiting me. He traveled across the nation on the Destructoid bus, looking for the strongest, sexiest and most intelligent men he could find. Then he got a flat in Austin, TX and settled on me.

4. I do things for YOU!

Perhaps I won't give you a virtual make out session, but I will be providing readers of this fine site with event recaps, game designer interviews and features that focus on obscure, wacky games that you will want to check out. You can start by checking out my Thor Wii release party recap tomorrow. But, hold tight: the wacky is a comin'!

3. I go to the university Tara Long went to!

Any fans looking for their own private stalker detective, ask me about pricing!

2. My favorite games are most likely not your favorite games...

But, that's a good thing right? I grew up on an Atari ST and lived out most my life playing console classics and forgotten PC titles. In recent years, I've discovered awesome Japan-only console and arcade games from the 90s. Stay tuned to hear which ones are worth your time.

1. I love corgis!

I've always loved Destructoid for its unique personality, features and audio/video content. It's so exciting to be writing for a site that gives so much freedom to its community and writers. I look forward to hearing back from you guys on future articles -- even the terribly mean ones with skeletons and marijuana leafs for their avatar!

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