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**Spoilers Ahoy!**

Otherwise known as, 'Oh yes, let's stir up that hornet's nest again!'

If you're a gamer and haven't been living under a rock, then you are probably well aware of the insanity that ensued over ME3's ending. Fans were livid about the ending choices (or lack thereof) given to them. This was due to many promises that their choices throughout the series would be reflected, and there would be 'no A, B, or C" ending. I won't get on that subject as it's been discussed to death, but I will say that I can see where the upset fans were coming from.

Regardless, Bioware admitted they needed to expand on the lackluster endings and promised 'Extended Cut' downloadable content. Their first mistake. You see, whether you agree that Bioware screwed up or not, their succumbing to the fans angry cries sets them up for a whole new round of attacks. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that a dev team listened to fans. However, Bioware is in a no-win situation here. Nothing they release (aside from a completely redesigned ending), can save them. Their releasing free DLC only proves to the angry players that they were right, which is a dangerous thing to do. It's lose-lose now.

The newly released DLC does help explain some of the questions fans were left with. However, I have an inkling that people will not be pleased with what they are being given, even with the newly added ending ('Refusal'). You see, everything included in the extended cut should have been packaged with the original game. On it's own, the DLC feels tacked on, something to shut the angry people up. It does what it's supposed too -help clear up questions, but with that, it shows us just how weak the series original finale really was. It brings up the question, why the hell wasn't all this included in the first place? Why did Bioware think that what they first gave us originally, was ok? The 'Refusal' ending feels like a passive aggressive attempt at pleasing the fans. I won't go into spoilers, but it most certainly appears that it was Bioware's subtle middle finger to the whiners.

It's a damn shame that the games have come to this. I have theory that the Mass Effect trilogy represents Bioware's assimilation into EA. The first Mass Effect, while not without flaws, had heart. When you played, you felt the passion of the development team. Mass Effect 2 changed up the game, especially combat. The game slipped more into the mainstream spectrum of combat and fighting.Not necessarily a bad thing, but a somewhat jarring transition from the original. The plot wasn't as strong, but that was ok, after all, it was the middle game of a trilogy. Then we come to the third installment, which introduced Day One DLC, multiplayer (which affected the ending itself), a Facebook game, and of course, a rushed ending. I won't go on an EA bashing rant -but if all that doesn't stink of them, then I don't know what does.

All in all, while I appreciate Bioware trying to appease the masses (which it never EVER will), I can't help but feel the DLC only hurts them more. Not because they were strong-armed into doing it, but because it's addition is just another heavy hit against the already present ending.

Watch the Extended Endings Here:
Refusal (New)

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