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Allie Castellano avatar 11:29 AM on 05.16.2012  (server time)
Hype: Any MMORPG Ever

I hate MMORPGs. That is the first time I have ever admitted it, but it feels good to finally do so, as I've known it to be true for awhile now. Yet, despite this, that knowledge never stops me from falling absolutely head over heels in love with them. I read one write-up on the game, and I'm hooked. From World of Warcraft to TERA, the list holds a decent number of entries. Obsessing about games is like a drug for me.

For a more specific example, lets use Rift.

Um, yes please.

I had no interest in the game til one of my online friends mentioned it. Curious, I read a brief article explaining what the game hoped to be, and BAM. Suddenly, I was addicted. I lurked on their forums day and night, I went to the website multiple times throughout the day. Somehow, I managed to snag a code for their closed betas, and suddenly my weekend social life disappeared (I had one, I swear). At work, I managed to convince to five coworkers to pre-purchase the game, so we could all roll together at launch. I was one step away from getting Rift tattooed across my forehead.

Then release day came.

Suddenly, I wasn't so interested in the game anymore. I was bored with the content, and all those friends I had persuaded to buy the game, found I was never online (they weren't happy to say the least). I played every now and then, but my burning obsession was now tepid. There was no reason for it. I just had absolutely no desire to play the game.

The same thing happened with TERA. Read a few blogs about it, and suddenly I was pumped. Live Action combat, hells yes. A designated Roleplay server (shutup -I enjoy it), perfect. Pretty damn gorgeous graphics, where do I sign up? I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition the day it became available. Once again, the addiction had taken control. There I was on the forums, helping to figure out where the RP community should go for their shenanigans. Hell, I even created a guild that boasted a healthy roster. I was ready to go. I was going to be Miss TERA.

Exactly like this.

I didn't even make it past the betas. I kept saying, "I don't want to spoil the content for launch. I'll get into it then." All lies. Once again, there was no reason for my abrupt lack of interest, I just didn't want to play. Now, not only was I disappointing the friends I had convinced to play in real life (in all fairness, they should stop listening to me), but I had a guild of ~40 members to figure out what to do with.

These are only two examples. My list goes on and every time it's the same process. Obsess - Purchase - Discard. As I said in the beginning paragraph, the worst part is, I know this will happen, and yet it never stops me. Even while writing this, I know where my new hit will be coming from... Funcom a-la The Secret World.

A siren call I must heed.

Maybe, just maybe, this will be the game that goes the distance.

But knowing me, probably not.

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