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Allen Crutch avatar 12:13 PM on 02.16.2012  (server time)

I'm completely outnumbered.

In the generation of "FML's" and malicious and blood-thirsty fanboys, I find myself consistently outnumbered on my views of the entertainment industry and it's creative products. While going through the motions of my routine reading of review and news articles, and the even more abundant speculative pieces, one overbearing fact is the myriad of opinion-slinging monkey's that populate the industry sites I have come to love, and even depend on.

Why is this happening? Why do people feel the need to harass everything that doesn't fit their exact standards?

Excluding reviewers who get paid to throw their opinions around and often have made a name for themselves in their approach at doing so (ahem - Mr. Sterling) why is it that the general consensus on most creative entertainment is - "YOU FUCKIN' IDIOTS."

Let's pretend for one second that YOU are not one of these ass-chimps, and that you tend to, like me, look for the best in the franchises you've grown to love- well welcome to the minority pal, shit's rough down here. But stay vigilant.

There is this whole sub-culture of douches who do nothing but toss their hate-filled assumptions on every forum they can get their shit-stained paws on. Who are you? What creative gem have you brought into this world that gives you warrant to open your resentful mouth? Granted, we're all allowed to voice our opinions and at times, and they can even be relevant and useful for improving our beloved titles and ongoing franchises, but usually they're just off-the-cuff bullshit - I'm talking to you RE:6 haters.

But let's be real. Entertainment is meant to be enjoyed and give escape to a world where horrible shit happens on a regular basis. So while you may be entitled to your filthy presumptions, try finding things that excite you for a change, instead of constantly focusing on the negative.

With that said, I would hate to send out the wrong impression. I do, in fact, despise the following-
-Gears of War dialog
-Hurricane Katrina
-The word "belly-button"

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