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Alikhan avatar 6:47 AM on 07.30.2013  (server time)
Fix Error 8071053d Playstation 3

This error appears on Playstation 3 devices. No matter you use different accounts to sign-in to a network, it repeatedly shows error 8071053d. The sign-in process aborts and cannot be continued. Here are some tips that can help you fix this problem:

1. Restart the device
2. Diagnose Network Problems
3. Restart your Wireless Router
4. Change your Network Settings
5. Pull Power Cord for Few Seconds
6. Try at a Later Time
7. Select a Different Server

Restart the Device
Restart the device. This error can be temporary in nature. It may appear temporarily. It may not appear after the device is restarted.

Diagnose Network Problems
Network problems in terms of connectivity & wiring may cause this problem. You need a stable and high-speed Internet connection. A disconnecting Internet causes problem sending/ receiving log-in information. There can be signal issues as well.

Do phone call your Internet Service Provider. Ask them to diagnose any network connectivity
issues. If possible, upgrade your Internet plan.

Restart your Wireless Router
Do you use a wireless router? If yes, it can be an issue. Problem with the wireless router device shows Playstation 3 error 8071053d. Simply restart it.
Check your Network Settings
There can be incorrect network settings. You have to go through all the network settings and change them in an appropriate manner. Make sure that the only supported features are enabled and unsupported features are disabled.

Make a new connection through the Network Settings. Go to the Network Settings option in the Playstation 3 main menu.  

Pull Power Cord for Few Seconds
The power cord should be pulled for a few seconds after switching off the device. This will resolve error 8071053d.

1. Turn off the device.
2. Flip the switch on.
3. Pull your power cord for a few seconds.
4. Put everything back in appropriate places.
5. Turn on the device again.
Try at a Later Time
There is a possibility of a server-side issue. The server could be busy due to a number of requests. What you need to do is try signing-in at a later time.

Select a Different Server
Selecting a different server might fix the error. If you’re a resident of USA, do select an Asian server and vice versa. Customize the Playstation 3 settings to do so.

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