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AlienLeaf's blog

9:16 AM on 06.12.2009

Hello, I'm new...

I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit. I'm currently living in the South East US in North Carolina roughly 50 miles west of Epic Games down in Cary NC. I've been playing video games for quite sometime, however, I may not be as hardcore as the rest of you. Perhaps, back in the 90s but things changed as I grew older... Speaking of age, I'm 53 years old or young as the case may be and here due to my interest in gaming. I'm male, Lumbee (Native American), roughly 5 feet 6 inches. I have really long hair, used to play in regional rock bands and currently in a relationship (Tammy) and we're both kind of private people. How much I will blog or even post on other's or the Forums, I can't say at the moment. I've been reading the articles on Destructoid for a while and decided to join the other day. As I feel more comfortable here I'll disclose more. I'll try to fit in the best I can but we know how that goes sometimes...

Anyways, Topher Cantler, announced 'Ready to Friday' and mentioned the game Tetris. Oh my, does that take me back... before there was public access to the internet and I was spending $80.00 a month calling out of state Bulletin Board Systems. A time when the most powerful PCs on the consumer market were 286/386 with a blinding 10 to 25mhz processors...

Tetris? You mean like this version from 1987? Sorry for the image but it was the best I could do with it running on an antique machine as it has no screenshot capabilities.

Happy Friday... Shortly after posting this I may go out on the deck and FRY for the DAY like a Boston rotisserie chicken. I may as well go for broke and open up a case of Budweezer as well.

Hmm... I'm asked to TAG my post and don't see introduction. I guess since I'm old, and the image is of an old game, I'll go with Retro.   read

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