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AlexMorgaen's blog

9:30 AM on 09.25.2011

TGS: I can't believe it's not TGS!

Keeping up with my trend of relevant irrelevant blogs, I'm going to talk about GAMEfest, a sort of video gamey conventiony type thing that took place in Birmingham, UK, at exactly the same time the Tokyo Game Show opened its ...   read

5:08 PM on 07.09.2011

Freedom: How Achievements Ruin It

(Disclaimer: Not all of this is about Freedom, but a lot of it neatly ties in to the Monday Musing. This is more focused on how achievements ruin the gaming experience.) Recently I've been playing Condemned: Criminal Origi...   read

5:28 PM on 07.04.2011

Window to the World: On (Bad) Camerawork in Games

In my last post I went on a massive ass-kissing rant about games I thought utilised their cameras with a dash of unique and cinematic flair, and bought forward the idea that camerawork in games is far more integral to the exp...   read

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