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Alex Bout avatar 11:41 AM on 02.22.2012  (server time)
Guild Wars 2 ravings

So normally I'm pretty restricted to PC hardware in terms of what I write officially for Destructoid. However, I decided I'm just going to write about whatever most excites me here. Right now, that is definitely Guild Wars 2.

Yesterday, they announced that they would be giving us a "surprise" today; many people suspect that it's in fact an announcement of an open beta. This would be huge, being they would only open beta test a month or two in advance of a commercial release.

Anyway, I was previously pretty set on having a human elementalist. After watching the norn videos a bit though, I'm definitely leaning more towards the norn because they just make humans look... really cut, dry, and boring. Norn live to make legends! Who wouldn't want to be as god damned bad ass as that?

I understand that you can have multiple classes, but it's really the first one that makes the biggest impact on you when you play a game, you know? Nothing is ever as "epic" as the first time you go through the game, and in my opinion, that's the only time I get that sense of adventure. Looking at the latest press release beta videos, I can't wait to get that sense when I play Guild Wars 2. How long has it been since even the cities have been a place to explore, instead of just an area to go to pick up party members or run away from all the RMT bots?

Moving on, I've never really been a big fan of PvP in MMOs, but I have to admit that WvW is possibly the thing I'm most excited to play. In the original Guild Wars, I was never very impressed because it was never a guild war. I mean come on, the guild battles were battles of 8 versus 8! Even the alliance battles were only okay because it was more or less the same thing over and over. Part of the main strategy in "capping" was to avoid players! In PvP? Avoiding players? Give me a break, that's not PvP; it's who can stand on a stone circle the longest.

Contrast that to the wide sweeping maps of World vs. World in Guild Wars 2, and you'll see that taking certain outposts can actively turn the tide of battle, and it's no longer a battle of scores and numbers, but a real war against two incoming fronts.

Real battle strategies are formed and you tactically defend and attack points according to what you as a team decide is best for victory. How exciting is it to play a game where working with others is actually enjoyable and advantageous compared to the normal, "I'll team up with others if I must."

I may be getting my hopes up for another bust, but I've got no evidence saying I'm wrong! See you all in there! I'll write more later when my laptop battery isn't at 1% :D

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