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Alex Barbatsis avatar 8:06 AM on 07.03.2012  (server time)
Toots are about to come out of my boot.

After some helpful insight on my part, a flagrant abuse of power is at hand.

Samit Sarkar is gone. He's off hanging out with busty people drinking Mai Thai's (1/2 oz Orgeat, 3/4 oz Orange Curaçao, 1 oz lime juice, 1.5-2 oz Dark Rum depending on booziness desired. Shake with crushed ice, dump in glass, garnish with mint) on a beach with piles of money that he's using to make papercraft of Derek Jeter. He's gonna be missed. Especially his editorial eye.

Recently, there was a slight but ever so embarrassing GRAMMATICAL ERROR in an post by the most beloved man of the masses M. Randy Dixon. Hey it happens, you know? Leave the man alone, please don't tweet his shaming remarks at him @mRandyDixon

Everyone needs help. It seems my super duper form of helping a buddy out was...unwanted.

Yeah, thats right, PUNISHED. That's like being a fit, muscular, young, and quite handsome man helping a feeble, weak, smelly old lady across the street and getting SLAPPED IN THE GOOD LOOKING FACE FOR IT!!! Maybe I shouldn't have interfered. Maybe I hurt his pride. Maybe it's because I'm so dominating at TF2. Maybe I should apologize. But does a cheetah apologize for being fast?

M Randy didn't even show up he was so scarred of my Heavy prowess.

So I've been punished...and now Alex Barbatsis, Homecoming candidate, is now Alex Butthead, homecoming candidate.

Now, what does this mean for you? Farts. It means farts.

I pondered, "what do buttheads do?" They fart. They fart, they butt burp,they poot, they bring the thunder from down under, they release the (butt) kraken.

I am now a butthead, it is in my nature to toot. My comments will reflect that. Most likely with a simple "toot." Maybe I might express an opinion. Maybe not. It won't reflect on the quality of the blog. It will merely be my nature.

Welcome to Butthead Dome.


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