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Alex Barbatsis avatar 2:39 AM on 10.11.2011  (server time)
Integration: Who Needs Games?

I donít understand when people say their Wii just gathers dust in the corner. I use my Wii everyday. I always am fumbling for the Wiimote after setting it down in some foreign corner. ďNow why is this in the laundry basket?Ē After the search party celebrates, I adjust my Wii Senor Bar and turn the console on. Familiar musical tones drawl through the room as I click away at the menu. Did you see that Instant Netflix just added the Invisible Man? Claude Raines, classic. I got about half way through it before I had to leave for work, but guess what!? I could continue to watch it on my 3DS! Radical! At least thereís something to do on that system in addition to unwrapping all those gifts. I canít wait to watch some 3D trailers and take 3D pictures that I can share with my friends (is that possible?). I just leave my Spot Pass on because it has to be that way and its fun. Street Passing is cool too! I learned that this guy, Jared, his favorite game is the eShop. I didnít realize there was anything there even! You learn something every day. Let me check it out right now for some cool apps. I think Iíll get Mario Clock and Animal Crossing Calculator so I can do easy math and know the time wherever I go, all in one handy device. At only $1.99 apiece, even Nook cannot deny that deal! Now, the real question is do I get My Notebook: Red or My Notebook: Green? Also, does anybody know how to print off my Ambassador certificate? I really want to show my parents but I ran out of paper for my Gameboy Printer.

When was the last time I played a game on either of those bad boys? Oh yeah, Super Mario RPG! I also just downloaded Mario Party 2 because hootenannies on the Western board are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I havenít played it yet because I have yet to find where to plug a Gamecube controller in the system. But who needs games? Films, photos, weather, and global polls are a much better focus for a games console. And no, I do not wear cologne or perfume, but thanks for asking Nintendo. Are you looking for gift ideas? My birthday is just around the corner (January 24th). You donít have to get me anything, but if you really want to, I heard about this game that sounds really cool called The Last Story. But thatís just a game, and I want you guys to focus on the important stuff, like what Iím going to have to plug into my system next to maybe think about playing a game. (Will the frakennub have Pokedex support?)

*yeah, I use my Wii for Netflix, but thats only because I donít have a PS3 or Xbox 360 or a HD tv.

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