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Alex Barbatsis avatar 6:06 PM on 10.04.2012  (server time)
Free Games 4 Vanity Art! (Easy Contest)

Reference Photo

Sometimes I see some cblogs and I see some sweet sweet pictures in the personal info bar and man I get so so jealous. I seethe sometimes even. Like that Gobun character, he's got some sweet drawing. And M Randy Dixon. Dang, I'm jealous. So now its time to bribe y'all.

So I bought the Indie Royale May Hurray Bundle way back in May. I picked it up pretty much for Dungeon Defenders (a very nice game). There are 4 other games in the bundle that just don't look like my cup of tea. I don't know, puzzley stuff, music rythm stuff, whatever. They look cool, but I'd play them for about 4 minutes and then never again. So I thought, "Hey, give these good games away to the people, and squeeze them into drawing or singing or writing poems about you."

Alex, you son of a bitch. You've done it again.

The games are:
-Containment: The Zombie Puzzler
-Data Jammers: FastForward
-Brainpipe - A Plunge to Unhumanity
-Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
and a soundtracks to:
-Voodoo Interface & Temperal Logic Grid Blues

They all run on PC, Mac, or Linux and the top three have Steam keys too.

Wow, your thinking ok ok wow wow ok sweetness. Yep. And guess what, super easy contest time.
You can win by either:
-Drawing a picture of me.
-writing a song about me.
-writing a poem about me.
-Taking a nude photo and emailing it to M Randy Dixon. (Note: Emailing M Randy will not result in any games, just moral victories.)

Post it in the comments below, and i'll make an announcement blog in ten days (10/14/12) to reveal the winners.

Good luck people, and may rock and roll carry you to victory.
(MS Paint is more than welcome!)

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