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Alex N's blog

8:48 AM on 10.29.2012

"Level Up" is THE modern video game experience.

No reason to stay old-school As I was thinking about this topic few weeks back, I was thinking of games that have jumped ship and introduced some sort of role-playing mechanic into their usually-non-RPG gameplay. It was...   read

8:15 PM on 03.13.2012

Why Mass Effect 3's ending was a cop-out... among other things.

We all know now about the massive shitstorm brewing on the internet with regards to Mass Effect 3's ending(s). While the ending to ANY popular trilogy usually causes unhappiness among fans, Mass Effect 3 struck particularly...   read

11:34 PM on 02.12.2011

Yet another "State of PC Gaming" blog. Part 1 - The Beginning.

Welcome, dear readers, to a newbie blog. This will be my first blog ever. Which probably means it will not be the greatest piece of work ever to grace the fine virtual pages of Destructoid. I hold no such delusions. I am also...   read

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