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Alex Barbatsis's blog

2:39 AM on 10.11.2011

Integration: Who Needs Games?

I donít understand when people say their Wii just gathers dust in the corner. I use my Wii everyday. I always am fumbling for the Wiimote after setting it down in some foreign corner. ďNow why is this in the laundry baske...   read

11:08 PM on 07.05.2011

Trenched Contest RESULTS!!!!

So here are the contest RESLUTS (way better than results) as well as my thought process behind the winners. First, the haiku about a Dtoid editor. Right off the bat, Manasteel88 had this very strong haiku, but tell me if y...   read

7:55 PM on 06.29.2011

Win Trenched on XBLA (Contest)

Soooo I recently won a couple of codes for Double Fineís Trenched for Xbox Live Arcade from the Dtoid live show Saturday Morning Hangover on Justin TV. This game looks awesome, with guys standing in tanks blowing stuff up and...   read

11:19 AM on 06.15.2011

Video Game Dance Club + Me (Video)

I was in a Funny or Die video that was all about a cool club, except this cool club happened to play video game music. I don't really get why it's funny because it was just thee coolest dance club I've ever been to. (and I li...   read

1:01 PM on 06.09.2011

E3: Same Old Song

So I snuck into E3 a day early this year. I work downtown LA right near the convention center. I thought Iíd check out E3 for a little bit, so I walked on over. This was on Monday, June 6th. After checking out the lobby and ...   read

6:19 PM on 09.12.2010

Pax Memoir: The Found Weekend (horrible movie pun)

So hereís the bastard I adopted. Sonic9jct I didnít know this guy, but I adopted his (her?) avatar for one reason; because itís cute and it would totally get me laid. Well guess what? I DIDNíT GET LAID AT PAX!!! So than...   read

7:58 PM on 09.02.2010

PAX Day Zero

Cutting to the chase. After a 7 am beer at LAX, I arrive in Seattle at 11 am. WOOOO first thing, drop off luggage and head to the Sheraton for my press pass. My first one ever! Head to Red Lion for Dtoid meet up before...   read

1:16 PM on 08.15.2010

All-Star Jamboree Podcast Preview and Kyle Gamgee's Birthday Party Documentary

Two things happened yesterday. One, Kyle Gamgee had an amazing birthday party. Two, I recorded the Ronathon All-Star Jamboree Podcast with Chad Concelmo, Colette Bennett, Stella Wong, and Brad Nicholson. The Ronathon Al...   read

8:05 PM on 08.12.2010

All-Star Podcast records Saturday (Chad, Colette, Stella, Brad N.)

Saturday, Phase 1 of Ronathon will commence. I will be hosting an all-star podcast with Colette Bennett, Stella Wong, Brad Nicholson, and Chad Concelmo, which will be made available as a 99 cent downloadable purchase with ev...   read

12:40 AM on 07.12.2010

Thursday, July 22nd aka THE night LA gets torn APARTS (PARTY INVITE!)

Their is a war going on. A war of good and evil. One man has made the noble decision to fight hypocrisy and tyranny in that have seeped into the darkest corners of LA. This is the side of Good. The rather charming Alex Ba...   read

6:28 PM on 07.07.2010

Sorry Scott (my first N64 memory)

The first thing I remember of the Nintendo 64 isnít a game or even an experience I had. Itís a story I heard, a small bit of talk that was meant to amuse. In ways it does, but it also breaks my heart a little bit. A story ...   read

4:35 PM on 06.23.2010

How I Spent My Thursday (NES style)


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