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Aldo Ortega's blog

2:13 PM on 10.30.2014

Here's Christina H. Sommers speaking on MSNBC


Objective videogame journalism time, again! Christina H. Sommers was interviewed by Ronan Farrow. Here is a very short video of that. The one above shows Sommers only getting a few minutes to explain her stance while Farrow interrupts. The one below is Sommers' tweet about how the interview went. You can watch it if you want. (Actually you SHOULD probably watch it, so the balance of the universe remains stable.)

Thank you for tuning in to objective videogame journalism, where cultural significance is ignored and opinions are shunned. If we're gonna show one side, we might as well show the other, no? Have a neutral day!


10:41 PM on 08.20.2014

The state of gaming jurrnalizzm

How is this not being reported here or any of the major sites?

Can we call out those who are corrupted in this industry? Or did she fuck the humans here too?   read

11:28 PM on 06.23.2014

Sanic's Boy Puddle

This be another thing I drew, dig it. Brittney Vincent's Romantic Novel inspired it.   read

5:02 PM on 05.14.2014

Smash Bros Fan Art


Took me about 10 hours and I like the way this came out. Share any Smash Bros art you've made!

Take care, don't die and brush your hair!
-Aldo   read

8:30 PM on 04.22.2014

Adventures in Drunkenland- My new gaming commentary show

Like many of you, I'd love to make a living by playing video games. It might not happen, ever but I'm sure as hell gonna go for it. And what better way to do it than to follow the steps of my favorite shows, and people, like the Continue? Show, JonTron, AVGN, Max and Mr. Sterling. A friend and I have created a show called Aldo & Mike's Adventures in Drunkenland, where we drink a thing that makes other things spin while pretending to be competent at video games (in this case, the new DLC for Batman Arkham Origins.)

This is our first ever stab at gaming commentary so, please, excuse the mess. This is a show where two dudes in their mid 20s are drinking and talking about a video game so if we have said anything offensive, I apologize in advance. If you have any criticism, pointers, nice or mean things to say please do so. And if for some reason ya dug what we've done, please share it with yer mates. I may be doing other kind of videos with my brother, him and I are HUGE Rival Schools/Project Justice fans so that might be a game we'll be putting up there. Music, shitty art and editing was done by me. 

Take care, don't die and go do some push ups.

And apparently I can't monetize the video?! Wow, there goes the money dreams!   read

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