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8:12 AM on 04.26.2011

Episode 27: I Own Eight Condoms; Is That Enough?

Hot on the heels of the massive success of Episode 26, we bring the amazeballs again with Episode 27! Sam aka z0mbie5 joins Allen, Julius, Jess, John, Nelson, Scott, Jay Hitcher, and Daze as we discuss a few things, some insightful and some retardedly hilarious. This includes stupid hos and proper condom storage, and also contains one of the most epic, legendary "cool story bros" this side of Sammich Soccer thanks to Scott. This also marks the first episode in which Julius hosts, albeit for just, like, five minutes.

The last segment is once again pretty stellar, even if it does sound like it begins unbelievably slow. You can thank Nelson and his overly drunken brown antics for that.

Speaking of Nelson being drunk, here's a little bonus content you might enjoy. Dude really gets belligerent when he's hammered.

Download/listen HERE.

Tracklist for this ep:
The Cool Kids - Black Mags
TV On the Radio - Will Do
The Dismemberment Plan - Girl O'Clock
Craft Spells - After the Moment
Guillemots - Trains to Brazil   read

6:48 AM on 04.14.2011

Episode 26: He's a Virgin; Rape Him

An absolutely hilarious long one this week, with an equally enormous cast! Join Sarah Michelle Rodriguez, John, Jules, Jess, Allen, Scott, Conor, and special guests Daze and SonofBaconSandwich as we discuss a huge bevy of topics, including:

-Dtoid forums
-Chill Bros
-Summer plans

The last segment of the cast might also be the best final segment in Alcoholocast history; join us as Sarah Michelle Rodriguez regales us with tales of his first time! It's an epic one, we promise!

Download/listen HERE.

Tracklist for this ep:

Tyler, the Creator - French!
EarlWolf - Orange Juice
MellowHype - Brain feat. Domo Genesis
Frank Ocean - Swim Good   read

3:14 PM on 04.10.2011

Episode 25: Every Dinosaur is the Same Dinosaur

The OG Cast is back together, which means we've got Danl, Allen, John, Julius, and Jess on to recap Danl and Jess's weekend together in Minnesota, including the part where the almost get arrested. Then we talk about dicks and dinosaurs and movie trilogies or something for a while. Y'know, the usual. Listener questions, too.

Download/listen HERE.   read

6:11 AM on 03.28.2011

Episode 24: Wookiee Sounds Make Jess Happy

It's another long one this week, as we're joined by a large medley of guests from all walks of life. Join Allen, Jess, John, Nelson, Scott aka ArcticFox, Chewie, and JackShadow as they discuss Disney movies and nude pics in an episode filled with drunken ramblings and subsequent "cool story bro"s.

Download/listen HERE.   read

11:47 AM on 03.22.2011

Episode 23: Post-PAX Lovin'

Strap in for a long one, because there's lots of PAX East 2011 fallout on which we have to catch up. A whole lot of us were there, so we have to talk about all the shenanigans we got up to, including Saturday Night Karaoke with assistant DJ Nelson, a botched Asian three-way, camera theft, and Danl and Jess's BEST DATE EVER.

We also pimp out the next big real-world get together many of us will be attending, The OhioNARP. If you're interested in that, you can find out more here:


3:09 PM on 03.09.2011

2sexy4PAXcast is BACK; now accepting guests!

It's that time of year again, where a select privileged few get to spend a fuckton of money to meet up and party with the rad members of the Dtoid communtiy, and where everyone else has to stay home and hear about how totally off the wall that shit was.

Yep, PAX East is here, and since 2sexy4PAXcast was a thing that went over pretty damned well the first time (and was the basis for starting Alcoholocast), I figured I'd bring it back for this occasion as well!

So here's the deal: if you're not going to PAX, and you're too AWESOME to go to PAX, hit us up, and you'll be on the cast. We record TOMORROW, March 10, although if shit becomes successful we may do this every night this weekend.

Alcohol isn't required, but highly recommended. Come shoot the shit about anything you want, be it vidjagames, comics, Pokemanz, anything.   read

1:43 PM on 03.06.2011

Episode 22: Meth is a helluva drug.

Well that was quick, eh?

In today's episode, Allen is away at GDC and John flakes out on us, so the fearless Jess must step up to hosting duties. The cast, consisting of Danl, Jay, Scotty, Nelson, and Jack are left to discuss Danl's bizarre interaction with a possible meth addict, as well as some of Allen's clutch "listener" questions.

Short but sweet.

Download/listen HERE.

Next week's PAX East, if you didn't know, so we'll probably have another early one for you guys. Additionally, during PAX, we may see the return of 2sexy4paxcast, the podcast that started it all. Stay tuned.   read

8:50 PM on 03.05.2011

Episode 21: You Are Need to Drink More Beer

Pokemon, Butt Peeing, Japan, and Guns. In roughly that order.

Promised youtube video:

Guests: Arctic Fox, Nelson, Jack Shadow, and japanese kid, Dylan Harris.


Download/listen HERE.   read

3:25 PM on 02.17.2011

Episode 20: Candy Hipsters

This week, internet-famous angryman Johnny Viral stops in, along with Jack Shadow and the forever-guest Scotty G to talk about whether or not gummy candy is a total waste of time (spoilers: it is). Then we answer some listener questions from the lovely Mellowbunny, and a couple from some d-bag named Allen.

Editing note: we had to switch capture software after the first break, so the second half sounds funky. Lots of stops and dead air that weren't there originally. Just, uh.... deal with it.

Download it HERE.

Subscribe on iTunes, follow us on Twitter, leave us fantastic reviews on iTunes, etc etc.   read

2:41 PM on 02.16.2011

Episode 21 is already among us! We're of legal drinking age now WOOT

Boners, we're recording the big 2-1 tonight, and be prepared for awesomeness, because we will be rowdy as FUCK. Or at least, I hope so.

Once again, nothing much on the agenda to talk about, but I'm sure we'll find some philosophically stimulating topics to talk about.

We'd like to have as many peeps as we can on this one, since it is our 21st, so if you want to be on, let us know!

Oh, and Episode 20 should be up by the time we start recording this. Real life gets priority for editing, and we're not going to apologize for that.

...yep, not even 21 and we're already a salty bunch.   read

10:39 PM on 02.09.2011

Episode 19: The Sexiest Nerds On the Net

Episode 19 is here, and it might just be our sexiest yet. We talk about rape jokes, which transitions into a srs business discussion about the whole Dickwolves saga, and neatly folds back into same-sex Dtoid crushes. We have a massive cast that I won't bother listing because I don't remember it, and it'll be a nice surprise for you folks.

It's all one big orgy in this one, and good, because it's a nice long 'un.

Download/listen to it HERE.

Be warned, the editing got a little wonky in this one and the first half hour seems to repeat itself after the break, but wutevs, we don't give enough of a fuck to fix it. Dealwitit.   read

3:59 PM on 02.02.2011

Episode 19 is tonight, will cuddle naked in one sleeping bag for warmth

Episode 19 records tonight, and once again we're not sure what we're going to discuss. I'm sure this ridiculous snowstorm raping you wieners in the Midwest/East Coast will come up, and all the fun things we've seen because of that.

But beyond that, *shrug*.

If haven't listened to Episode 18, you're dumb, and you need to fix that. Download it here.

Otherwise, give us your questions/special guests/special requests or whatever, and we'll try to accommodate in our drunken haze.   read

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