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Alastor's blog

9:12 AM on 02.25.2011

999 or Best DS Mystery Game!

Since im writing another article on another game (it's a secret) but I want to replay the game in order to make a better review of it, now im talking about a game I just finish... 3 times! Who is Zero Nine hours, Nine pers...   read

6:17 AM on 02.01.2011

New info about Dark Souls

The next project of team Demon's Souls -Dark Souls is the official name for Project Dark. -Dark Souls take place in a dark fantasy world just like Demon's Souls. -The game will still be very hard and you will learn from yo...   read

5:23 PM on 01.25.2011

First post for an Awesome hiddengem game!

I want to talk about my favorite game: Baten Kaitos Origins. Damn that game is sooo good! I know some people never heard of it (Gamecube game) and other have played the first game but maybe didnt like the combat system (Mor...   read

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