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9:12 AM on 02.25.2011

999 or Best DS Mystery Game!

Since im writing another article on another game (it's a secret) but I want to replay the game in order to make a better review of it, now im talking about a game I just finish... 3 times!

Who is Zero

Nine hours, Nine persons, Nine doors.

First of all, it's a game with multiple ending (six in total), so if you want to know the True Ending, you have to at least play it 2 or 3 time to understand it well. (Just like Nier)

Second, since each room have a number on it and with each playtrough you go through 3 door, that's okay to replay it 3 time since you will do other puzzle you didnt do and you will learn more about the story.

Each character have their own personnality

Now it's the time to explain the game and to tell you or not which door you should choose....

You start on a boat, your name is Junpei, you don't remember how you ended up there. BOOOM a huge explosion near you, windows breaks and water came into your room. QUICK you must escape the room but you can't, the door is locked and you need to finish the puzzle in the room to escape...

That is the main purpose of an Escape room game. Also go play that awesome escape room if you have time
But that's not what this review is for!

Junpei will find other people in the boat, trapped like you, I love each one because they really have their own personality, even better if you play the game three time.

Junpei is Number 5

Each perso have a Bracelet and a number on it, Junpei is Number 5 and there's up to 9 bracelet. The Game is called the Nonary Game, and you really play with the numbers. There are 9 people in total to play the nonary game. This is the twist : 3 to 5 person can go through one door and they must add their number to match the door with the Digital Root for exemple : the digital root of 6-7-8 will be 6+7+8 = 21 > 2+1 = 3

An exemple of the Digital Root, there are also puzzle about Hexadecimal code!

So in the game if you find a door 3 you can use perso 6, 7 and 8 but there is other possibility as well. The trick is by going into a door like 4 or 5, you will go with different persons, you will learn more about them, about the story

The Story... I just.. can't describe it! It's just so much Fantastic!

Ok here's the deal you MUST do True ending for last, you must!!! So I suggest save these number combinations for last: 5,8,6- safe ending (awesome ending you will learn a bit of the real story), 4,7,1- true ending, it's the last ending you should do and it will blown your mind away!

By the way, before you got scared, after you finish it for the first time, you start a new game plus with the souvenir of your first escape that mean, press the D-pad to the right to skip the dialogue until you found some dialogue you never encounter before.

There are Various puzzle but that is my main concern : The puzzle are too Easy! But that is only my negative comment, I mean I had to scratch my head a few time but it's not like Phoenix Wright where I have to think "outside the box" (ok phoenix wright is not really a puzzle game but I don't care, I love it :3)
The puzzle in 999 there Ok, I didnt go look at Mister Internet like I did with Phoenix a few time, that was my point.

But the Story ooohh the STORY!

The Music, they are correct and ajusted with the situation in the game, when your character need to escape the music change, etc.

Graphics are nice, each puzzle have his own style and there is no repetition (like the same puzzle over and over again)

How many hours ? If you do the game plenty of time you will have plenty for your cash :)

Also that elevator scene was priceless ahahaha

WEll that is all for my review, I will not put video because I think it will ruin the game :P

EDIT! I have found a well made video!

[embed]195036:36629[/embed]   read

6:17 AM on 02.01.2011

New info about Dark Souls

The next project of team Demon's Souls

-Dark Souls is the official name for Project Dark.
-Dark Souls take place in a dark fantasy world just like Demon's Souls.
-The game will still be very hard and you will learn from your mistake.
-Since the game is release on the Xbox360 in America, they can't use the name Demon's Souls, neither the same characters or story.
-The game will not feature Class.
-There's Coop and versus online mode, it should be better implemented than Demon's Souls.
-There will be alot more weapon and magic spell.
-Demon's Souls worlds was separate, Dark Souls seems like a big World.
-You can leave message to other player when you died.
-There will be no more world tendency.
-The game will be out later this year!   read

5:23 PM on 01.25.2011

First post for an Awesome hiddengem game!

I want to talk about my favorite game: Baten Kaitos Origins. Damn that game is sooo good! I know some people never heard of it (Gamecube game) and other have played the first game but maybe didnt like the combat system (More strategic than Origins), but I can tell you , you will love this. I have found a video where you can heard the main cast talk, fight a boss and see the gameplay.


Now you think, why is he talking about the second game instead of the first game. First of all, the combat, it's way more dynamic, and fun! (But hey I really love the first game too!) As you can see in the video , you have a main deck of card (NO IT'S NOT LIKE MAGIC The Gathering ARRG I saw many people scared of it just because it's a "card game battle" which is not) for all the 3 people you control. There's cards with 1 sword up to 3 swords, this is like Attack 1, Attack 2 and Attack 3, you can't play Attack 2 or 3 before Attack 1.

Picture of the arena

After you first your Attack 1 (since you have time) this is were it get dynamic it's because you have enough time to pick you cards but not too much, so as I was saying after you pick Attack 1 you can chain with attack 2 and 3 and land a special attack (which you can chain special attack after special attack the same way the Attack thing goes).

Say thing with the Defence system when an enemy attack you. You can have heal card and you can discard card. Which make it super fun to play!

[i]Weapon and armor can have element attribute (Normal, Fire, Water, darkness, light and time element).

(im watching this post and wow, I never write a post like this before, im kind of scared, I have difficulty to find the best words I want (french is my mother language)

Some background, also youtube video quality sucks, the game is beautiful I tell you (image don't reflet what the game feel like)

Now for the graphics. GORGEOUS! I mean it's Pre-rendered background, how can you be wrong with it ? In 5 years it's still gonna be great! and Character model, I admit, it's not great looking, but there aren't alot close-up.

For the music, it's fantastic, Best work for Motoi Sakuraba.

it's the daughter of Motoi Sakuraba who sing :3 Also this music is #3 in this top 100 !

The Story! I almost forgot! First of all, Baten Kaitos Origins is the second game BUT it take's place 20 years before the first one, so almost all the cast of the first one are childrens, babys or aren't even born. So you DON'T HAVE to played Baten Kaitos 1 to play the second and im only saying that to the persons who didnt like the first one because of the combat system (which is more slow).

Also if you like time travel story your gonna be served!

So I was saying, the story is great! Great Characters, funny sentences, great plots, there's like 100 side quests (compared to like 6-7 for the first one) there's Optional bosses that you can do and change a little bit the ending AND a Secret awesome ending boss that not changing the story but you learn more about it.

Also the Card, they change overtime. In Baten Kaitos you can grab the essence of an item in a Blank Magnus Card, that you can only use 1 time. So if you take for exemple Milk, after maybe 2 or 3 hours it will turn into yoghurt than after a couples more hours it will turn into cheese. Same thing with a Strong Fire will turn into a weak fire, etc.

Did I talk about everything ? Graphic, music, story, gameplay hmmmm...

Oh there's an Arena where you can challenge monster and boss, gain item, get gold statue of you, awesome.

The people beneath the sky

Oh and by the way you can do the second game and after that the first one since the second is taking places before the first one, but I suggest doing the first one because the second game adds some things that aren't in the first one (just like any other sequel)

Since it's a gamecube game, you can all play it on your Wii :)

Guillo, he/she is so awesome! Have 2 voice, the male voice is Liquid Snake :3

Oh and DON'T check other youtube video, you might get spoiled! and it will ruin the entire game or even the series itself! (just like me with .hack :O)

Well anyway I just wanted that other people that never heard of it can have a little taste and I hope I didnt made any mistake with my english :) It's a Hidden Gem that you shouldn't miss (and now I kind of feel bad by not talking about the first game which I like equaly as that one, it's just now I prefer dynamic combat than slow and more strategic one)

awwww now im talking about it and I want to play!!!   read

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