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Alastayr's blog

11:19 AM on 10.09.2009

Machinima: Top FPS

The incredibly talented Lagspike Films always deliver. This time, it's one of the best pieces of machinima I've ever seen. No more words, just watch it. Okay maybe more words. With machinima becoming more and more sophisticated I wonder when we will see feature films being produced this way.   read

7:46 PM on 10.02.2009

Regional pricing on Steam - Europe weeps again

Valve have revealed their Left 4 Dead 2 pricing scheme on Steam and for everyone that's not American, it's probably reason to cry a bit on the inside. Many times now Valve officials have preached that indeed, the publisher...   read

5:12 PM on 10.01.2009

GfWL? Games for Windows Lobotomized!

Given that a GfWL slagging thread at Rock Paper Shotgun has been opened as a follow-up to Stardock's Brad Wardell talking to Shacknews about how much GfWL is not that good or something, I've decided to publish the following r...   read

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