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Alasdair Duncan says:

My prayers have been answered [shortblog]

// Submitted @ 3:02 AM on 07.03.2010

A few months ago, I posted a cblog about how I doubted that Dead Rising 2 was ever going to get released in AustraliaWell, incredibly Games are reporting that Dead Rising 2 will be released in Australia, uncut with an MA15+ rating, which is the maximum rating possible for a videogame. Huh! If you want anymore proof about why the OFLC system is broken, then look no further.

After Left 4 Dead 2ís initially refusing of classification, then itís appeal after the gameís violence was almost completely neutered, I feared that a game in which you could destroy zombies with gory, over-the-top methods would not pass classification.


I appear to have been wrong (I was wrong about Left 4 Dead 2 being announced at E3 2009, so shows what I know, right?); Dead Rising 2, a game where you can kill zombies with dildos, will be released in September, uncut and unchanged.

What bizarre and welcome news.
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Alasdair Duncan

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