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Alasdair Duncan avatar 2:32 PM on 04.05.2013  (server time)
Backlog challenge 2013 Part 3

Okay so that took longer than expected. At the start of February you voted that I should play The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition for the first time. And play it I did but it took a whole lot longer than expected. So hereís my excuses; I kicked wrote a lot more for the front page of Destructoid than I have done in recent weeks, including a preview of the upcoming Sang-Froid - A Tale of Werewolves. Iíve also moved into a new apartment, so it took a few weeks of getting things in order, organising furniture and necessities like internet all sorted out. Plus, thereís been PAX East 2013, a great week afterwards in New York with Changston...

...but I finished the game and boy that is a real old school adventure game. After playing recent point and click games like Yesterday and Da New Guyz itís strange to go back to a game where thereís very little concessions made to the player. At least, thatís the impression I made whilst playing the remastered version of the game; having to manually bring up the inventory and the commands took a bit of getting used to once I realised thatís how I had to interact in the world. It took a while because, remember, no tutorial. Thereís also a fair amount of backtracking which was frustrating especially on Monkey Island itself. No way that could have been streamlined a bit so I wouldnít have to paddle back and forth from the North and South of the island?

That being said, Monkey Island is known for itís humour more than anything else and that still delivered. Whether it was the great scene where everything happens behind a wall and you have to watch Guybrushís interactions on the bottom screen. The one-liners and insult sword fighting are still great and Iím now wanting get the sequel to play at some point too. But I need to score off a few more games before I make some more purchases. With that in mind, I did buy and complete the first episode of Kentucky Route Zero. I love the art style and the really subtle audio design as well. Instead of it being like a traditional adventure game, youíre really kind of sculpting your experience as youíre doing, making it unique to you but still consistent with the overarching story. Iím glad Iíve got plenty of forthcoming episodes to come later this year.

So onto this monthís picks; Iíve downloaded more games that I really want to play and finish toute suite as the French would say (I bet Beccy is correcting me right now as I type this). Let me get this out of the way first: Iím playing BioShock Infinite first and foremost this month (actually just finished it about an hour ago). This was one of the few games this year that I said I was going to play before anything else and my copy has been sitting at my parentís house since Tuesday whilst Iíve been in New York. So thatís getting played but then what next? Itís up to you.

Mirrorís Edge was one of those titles that people kept saying ďOh, you should buy it when itís cheap and play it then,Ē Well I did the ďbuy it cheapĒ part but now I really want to play it. Especially now as Iíve gotten a new TV and hooked it up to my PC; Steam Big Picture mode ahoy!

I tried playing through Metro 2033 but I felt I botched an early stealth mission and grew frustrated with it. That being said I feel Iíve given the game a short shrift and should really return to it. I definitely want to finish it before Metro: Last Light is released. Which also reminds me that I still have to finish the Metro 2033 book I bought...

This was a narrow loser in the first Backlog Challenge I did at the start of the year, just missing out to Sleeping Dogs. I do really want to play XCOM as I want to get primed for play Total War: Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 later on this year and I really need to bone up on my strategy games.

My buddy The Toilet Duck (aka Aidan) said this might be a bit much for me to chew on in such a short month. Whilst Dark Souls has this really hardcore reputation, the way itís been described to me by my friends who have played it, is that Dark Souls just requires a slow and steady approach and plenty of patience. I do think itís a game that will take a while to play but I can see myself being absorbed in it once I get into it.

I got maybe... half way through Hard Reset shortly after launch before my laptop really started to creak under the weight of the graphics. It had done really well running the game for a while but hopefully I can get back into it and finally finish it because I was having a lot of fun with this old-school style gem.

So vote now, I'll keep the voting open until Monday 8th. Get voting and hopefully I'll finish a game this month!

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