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I'm a perpetual student of languages, specifically Japanese and French. Obsessed with ska music and perfecting my town in New Leaf. I'm beyond help.
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Ohai everyone,

This being my first blog, and therefore the best blog I'll ever write, I'll make this simply and introduction.

As the beginning of the semester is drawing closer and I'm finally in my last year of undergraduate studies, I'd like to use this space to talk about my semester preceding my studies in Japan, during, and my thoughts after. I will also try to talk about my gaming life in the US and in Japan and how the scenes differ in each friend circle. 

In addition to gaming, I'm obsessed with ska music. I spend a lot of time searching for new bands in both the US and internationally, although I'm about two decades too late to expect to find much that is current and/or available. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to tell me!

And with that, I end this brief nonsensical rambling.