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Ajaw15 avatar 4:21 PM on 06.11.2007  (server time)
Gamevertisements. repost, read this one.

You've seen them, they're everywhere. Testing your ability to fire upon unarmed top hat clad duckies or bludgeon neon colored laughing aliens with a baseball bat while under the influence of.. God only knows what, all for the prizes that sing their own siren's song; the gleaming sensual figures of electronic devices being promised for free, we stop our ears with wax to block, to escape, but every once in a while an advergame comes along that screams at you " You have never seen a thing in your life as stupid, nor as strange as I. wonders await if you click my shiny red button". This post is dedicated to they, the games that are so stupid, so strange that they defy and scoff at any attempt made to estimate the amount of drug usage it's creators inflicted upon themselves. many times the simplicity or horrible design or both of these games is almost zenlike. on the bottom of this post is a link to a archive of myspace advergames you can play any one of them without the actual chance of you winning the said electronic devices and/or ringtones. I'll put down some of my favorites and you can join in on the fun and do the same in the comments.
Twins, drugged and sleep deprived, forced to sink beneath their fraternal bond and battle eachother to the death for the pleasure of some malevolent force.
An alternate reality in which world leaders settle disputes by waging knitting wars.
Prehistoric surprisingly bouyant turtles.
Well... Uh.. you shoot girraffes.... Thats pretty fucked up.... Seriously.

have fun

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