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So, instead of writing up my homework, I think I'll blog on the game I just beat, and the game I'm playing now.

Castlevania: Order of Eclessia (pronounced EE-cleez-sia) is about an emo girl named Shanoa, who must track down a friend of hers that's gone off the straight-and-narrow. It's still SotN format, but now, you can duel wield weapons! Shanoa absorbs things called "Glyphs" that allow her to spontaneously create a weapon, attack with it, then dematerialize it. It basically just means that you'll have an X button attack and a Y button attack, and most of the time you'll be using 2 of the same glyph just so you can attack faster (X Y X Y X etc. attacks faster than X X X X X X X). Also, you can use your hard-earned hearts to use a combination glyph, which combines both glyphs to do a fairly powerful attack. Sadly though, most glyph combinations just result in a big puff of air (that surprisingly does more damage than some of the real combinations), but nothing beats a swing from a screen-filling sword.

Also, this game is hard. Like, ball bustingly hard. I consider myself "good", and most bosses made me want to eat my DS in a fit of nerd rage.

Next, N+.

N+ is a game available for pretty much every system that matters (IE not for Wii and PS3 because no one likes you), and is available in a toned-down version on the web for free (for any OS, thank Christ), known simply as N.

N+ is as barebones as a platformer gets. The object is simply get a certain switch, then go through the door that the switch opened. However, rocket turrets, snipers, machine guns, patrolmen, mines, time bombs, and your frail, non-fall-damage-resistant legs are all out to brutally sodomize your poor ass. Thankfully, you're fast as some Mexican rat, and can jump, which is always a + (HAHAHA GET IT?). Seriously though, the gameplay is solid, addicting, and fun, especially with a friend (XBLA version has online coop, DS and PSP versions have local coop and free downloadable levels). A must-own if you own a X360, and a great game on-the-go for your handheld of choice.

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