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Aifel's blog

8:17 PM on 02.20.2009

Fightstick or Fightpad?

So, in an attempt to make me suck less at SF4, which I've been voraciously playing, I'm planning on buying a Fightsick or Fightpad. However, the DToid impressions on the Fightpad seemed to be better than the standard Fightstick, so...

Which one? The Fightpad and standard Fightstick come out next week, and the TE one comes out sometime in March. But fuck that; 140 bucks for a controller is dickrickulous.   read

9:21 PM on 01.07.2009

Macs and PCs (And RINUXU)

After GT put a video featuring City of Heroes/Villains for OS X on their front page, I felt a strange feeling deep in the pit of my rectum.

Yeah, that got your attention didn't it.

The video is basically just a "Mac VS PC" ad, except no one resembles OS X, and there is no dick waving competition. That's not what's gotten me so peeved though...

This game has been out for 5 years. Why the fuck are they porting it now? Anyone who gave two shits either bought WoW instead or just Bootcamped/VMWared around the problem. But no, they have to devote precious time they could be spending making the game better, and instead make a port for those damn hippies with really big cocks.

Now, I have no problem with ports usually. Ports to say, the iPhone/iPod Touch are fine and dandy (unless they're an FPS, in which case they're definitely not fine 'n' dandy), but OS to OS ports frequently go down the shitter. Take for example KotOR, a fantastic game on anything other than OS X. On OS X, the game frequently dies at certain parts, graphical artifacts are all over the 2nd area of the game, and patches have been slow and non-effective.

Why not be like Blizzard and actually give a fuck about the Mac crowd? Every one of their games after Diablo 1 has had a simultaneous release on OS X and PCs, and Hell, they've even acknowledged their Linux fan base (by thinking the Windows emulator that Linux players have to use was a hack). Even Epic has had a few Linux games, most notably UT 2004, and I think Quake started as a Linux project as well.

I haven't written this particularly well, probably due to me not caring very much compared to 7 minutes ago, but all you need to know is that Blizzard is good at not fucking up, Aspyr sucks my asshole at porting games, and us Mac users have really huge penii.   read

9:19 PM on 01.04.2009

Toribash, Gravity Bone, and my Christmas Break.

Well, the Christmas break is over. This is how I spent it:

Went to a friend's for 3 or 4 days. Can't remember exactly how many... :/
Watched Tommy. That be some crazy shit, yo.
Downloaded Toribash. Best freeware game I've ever played, and I've played a lot of them being a Linux guy. Burch, you oughta do an Indie Nation on this one.
Tried to DL Gravity Bone, only to find there's only a Windows client available. Who the Hell makes a freeware game that doesn't have at least a Linux client... Anyways, have any Mac users had luck Darwine-ing it?


7:39 PM on 11.30.2008

Fresh Meat: Castlevania: OoE and N+; an (Ove)review (or two.)

So, instead of writing up my homework, I think I'll blog on the game I just beat, and the game I'm playing now.

Castlevania: Order of Eclessia (pronounced EE-cleez-sia) is about an emo girl named Shanoa, who must track down a friend of hers that's gone off the straight-and-narrow. It's still SotN format, but now, you can duel wield weapons! Shanoa absorbs things called "Glyphs" that allow her to spontaneously create a weapon, attack with it, then dematerialize it. It basically just means that you'll have an X button attack and a Y button attack, and most of the time you'll be using 2 of the same glyph just so you can attack faster (X Y X Y X etc. attacks faster than X X X X X X X). Also, you can use your hard-earned hearts to use a combination glyph, which combines both glyphs to do a fairly powerful attack. Sadly though, most glyph combinations just result in a big puff of air (that surprisingly does more damage than some of the real combinations), but nothing beats a swing from a screen-filling sword.

Also, this game is hard. Like, ball bustingly hard. I consider myself "good", and most bosses made me want to eat my DS in a fit of nerd rage.

Next, N+.

N+ is a game available for pretty much every system that matters (IE not for Wii and PS3 because no one likes you), and is available in a toned-down version on the web for free (for any OS, thank Christ), known simply as N.

N+ is as barebones as a platformer gets. The object is simply get a certain switch, then go through the door that the switch opened. However, rocket turrets, snipers, machine guns, patrolmen, mines, time bombs, and your frail, non-fall-damage-resistant legs are all out to brutally sodomize your poor ass. Thankfully, you're fast as some Mexican rat, and can jump, which is always a + (HAHAHA GET IT?). Seriously though, the gameplay is solid, addicting, and fun, especially with a friend (XBLA version has online coop, DS and PSP versions have local coop and free downloadable levels). A must-own if you own a X360, and a great game on-the-go for your handheld of choice.   read

5:29 PM on 11.21.2008

Fresh Meat: An Introduction

Hey look, it's a new guy! Beat him up!

But really, herro. I've been lurking DToid for quite a while, and after I convinced myself that not everyone is a fanboy, weaboo, or troll (or, dear god, all 3) I decided to join. So yeah. What the fuck do I write next? Oh wait.

I'm a highschooler, gamer, and former-athlete. With this shitty Canadian weather, I can't really go outside as much as I'd like, which is why I'm a "former" athlete.

Favorite games, and their respective series, include Castlevania, Metroid (Prime), Geometry Wars, BC: Rearmed, N+, and Mario. Oh yeah, I have a 3shitty, Wheeeeeeee, but no PoS3, sadly.

Hopefully I've weeded out the fanboys by now.

So yeah, what to write next?   read

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