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Agidyne64 avatar 10:09 PM on 10.27.2013  (server time)
The Destructoid Pokemon Community ROUND 2

EDIT: I will no longer be updating the list.  Everyone seems to be content with communicating in the comments.  I may or may not take the current list down.  Not sure what to do there yet.

Well guys it's been a little over a week since I started this little Pokemon group for Destructoid members.  It's EXPLODED.  As I'm writing this, the original post has over 400 comments on it, and almost 40 members.  It's been really cool talking and trading with you guys, and hopefully things will keep getting better.

Some new additions include guides!  Oceanicus has created a breeding guide which is all kinds of awesome.  I'm sure more things like this will come up, and we even plan to have a tournament next month!

I suppose I should explain what this is though for newcomers.  This is the Destructoid Pokemon Group!  Which I'm currently naming Poketoid.  Feel free to tell me how much that name sucks.  This is where fans of both Pokemon and Destructoid gather to battle and trade in a gentlemanly manner.  Here's how we do things:

Leave your Friend Code and Trainer Name. (This makes it easier to know who is playing)

If you add someone, tell them! (With over 40 people, it's hard to keep track)

edit: Guys I'm glad that so many of you want to trade and battle here, but this is a group for connecting with other Destructoid members.  If you want to be in, Please make an account.  I will not add guests.  I'm sorry.

Use the comments section to ask for help/suggestions, battles or trades.  See you in Kalos Dtoiders!

Friend Codes Updated as of 12/1 (Thanks amg0D)

Aaron K Stone: 3952-6995-3809 (Aaron)

AclorsXV 3668-7969-0744 (Aclors)

Adrian Leigh Gordon: 3969-4674-7274 (Adrian)

Aeline Zel: 0018-1157-4950 (Ael)

Agidyne64: 4682-9482-2113 (Tyler)

Air Sylph: 1864-9772-8264 (Sylfang)

Alex: 2638-0487-4178 (Alex)

amg0D: 3926-4962-0562 (Dogma)

Androp: 0834-1234-9804 (Eva)

Andy Roque: 2809-8637-3195 (AzureStarline)

Antwhan: 2723-9871-0435 (Anthony)

Another_Me: 1005-9341-5163 (V137)

Aperezboii: 4957-3586-3485

Baezil: 3454-1218-2478 (Baezil)

Baryn Alex Dumas: 2723-9311-4775 (Baryn)

Ben101: 1521-3704-1760 (Ben)

Brad Abard: 5198-2629-0348 (Abard)

CaughtBlushing: 0533-5356-3592 (Alice)

Ced: 0946-2504-4967 (Zedd)

Chaoticwolf: 2036-7021-7116 (Arian)

ChelseaLane: 2895-7683-4302 (Chelsea)

Chris Carter: 0946-2328-2650 (Chris)

Chris Fitzsimmons: 2165-5115-7357 (Tsunayoshi)

Courtney Hath: 1005-9095-1568 (Courtney)

crackedbat: 1633-4277-3240

crackity jones: 4382-1975-8702 (Addison)

CripplerJones: 5043-1254-7033 (Perry)

Culture Snake: 2165-6244-6816 (James)

DAN: 5429-7454-2412 (DSHAD)

Daniel Sanchez: 3196-4028-8956 (Daniel)

darkeyes43: 2191-7714-7436 (Ace)

DarkJack: 4081-6068-9878 (Jack)

DasGaus: 0834-1048-5511 (Das Gaus)

DMCdante888: 1907-9379-6709 (DMCdante)

Donald Prisciliano Kipple: 5069-3972-7865 (Don)

Dookysharpgun: 0920-0333-4709 (Gooch)

Doop: 4210-4027-4735 (Geodave)

dp827: 5370-1137-0525

DreamingRevenge: 2492-5207-5709

DriftedPlanet: 2750-2064-6470 (Im hornay) (<--He did it for the lulz)

dr scoobie: 2750-1820-6108 (Requests that you reply to him first)

Dudsy: 5343-8512-9900 (Dudsy)

Edd Strid: 2148-8291-3586 (Edd)

E-Man: 4167-5571-4972 (Ian)

Evan: 3738-0776-6835 (Evan)

Fat Cat: 1564-2659-7682 (Jake)

Flamoctapus: 0602-6285-7916 (Kiefer)

Foysnoize: 2809-8451-6444 (Thomas)

giantp1tuf0: 3196-4147-8939

Glatzl: 2809-8480-0666

Golden Avenger: 3067-4855-2228 (Wes)

greystar51: 1907-8119-5446 (DJ)

Hobofisherman .: 2895-7818-9962

Hosse: 1848-1837-6344 (Hosse)

Ian: 1676-4205-4795 (Idog127)

IDKHTB: 0318-7266-8438

isisroth: 1950-8963-7633 (Nora)

jack: 2337-3777-0078

JadeCade: 4356-0679-5591 (Jade)

JapanDad:3308-5921-1297 (DAVE)  JapanDad as his name suggests, has a Japanese step son.  Add him if you want to.  2063-0592-7168

jasondm300: 5069-3965-0763 (Jason)

JaylnVA: 1564-2418-7417

jbcrazy305: 4811-6967-3392 (JB)

jk: 2294-4672-2578 (Xavier)

John: 3652-1862-9039 (Catalina)

JordanBuck: 0662-3822-5072 (Buck)

Josiah Jordan: 2406-5146-3426 (Syah)

Jqud: 4897-7383-2578 (Jack)

Juan Treviņo Guevara: 1719-3494-5218 (Juan)

JulioToonpik7: 5129-0189-1183 (Julio)

Juwan Rogers: 0834-1938-3507 (Juwan)

JvK92: 1349-5195-4592

KeithTheGeek: 5026-4475-8239 (Brandon)

Killerkeiron123: 3411-1327-4547 (Keiron)

Kingjimbo: 1048-9115-8120 (Aardworm)

Lady Rainicorn: 2423-2580-7207 (HD)

lan: 2578-3309-3334 (Wolfwood)

LazrDragon: 3625-8671-7077 (Chris)

LegendPenguin: 0173-1296-0517 (Penguin)

Legend1282: 3566-2242-1951 (Cade)

LegoFan: 1075-0732-3172 (Dan)

Lemons: 3110-5159-9187

Lily Orta: 0705-2849-7177 (kidneko)

LogicalChaos: 5026-4450-5353

madfigs: 3566-1707-5303 (Pookie)

Marc: 1564-3387-5996 (Marc)

MarileneRiddle: 1349-5920-8565 (Marilene)

mexazn: 3969-4407-4575 (Mexazn)

mickeygfunk: 3625-7778-0666 (Dominik)

molamolacolacake: 4854-7093-7671 (Sadie)

Mossax: 0645-5847-1529 (Moss)

MrFunsockz: 1762-2697-6390 (Tom)

Mr 3man: 0817-3831-9275 (3man)

MVRK HNTR: 1607-2078-1436 (Miguel)

NegFactor: 0275-8260-1789 (Khai)

Nekrosys: 0173-1493-1963 (Dennis)

Notme84: 3711-7688-5532 (Notme)

Nuneso15: 5086-1839-7453 (Red)

Oafkad: 3050-7686-8755 (Rico)

Oceanicus: 2105-8899-0137 (Salvador)

Patrick: 4484-8366-6275 (Pat)

pippox: 1435-4426-8277 (Pip)

Pixielated: 3093-7070-1972 (Faye)

Pulse: 0731-5053-4190 (Andrew)

PurplePecker: 5429-7594-8101 (Ethan)

pz3r: 1650-2173-1833 (Sam)

Ramita: 4613-6203-2599 (Ricardo)

QuantumDude: 4656-6775-5988 (Bart)

randombullseye: 2509-2160-9894 (Bullseye)

Reekfish: 2509-2103-6499 (Serenity)

retrop: 2122-5573-1580 (Retrop)

rexwolf2: 3437-3077-8993 (Rex)

Rey T: 5429-7165-9200 (Rey)

Rob Oze: 0018-0916-8686 (Tikidood)

rtbot2k: 3DS XL: 1564-2921-3709 (Jackie) (<--Most Used) 2DS: 0189-9527-7725 (Sapphira)

rybr4: 1418-6793-7280

Sarah: 2766-8742-6462 (Sarah)

sean michael: 1864-9056-2105 (Sean)

Sean Sapp: 4355-9447-4371 (Sean)

Seta Soujiro: 1693-1029-2523 (Seta)

Shadowsigma: 1461-6214-2239 (Sigma)

Shredded Angel: 3239-2426-3543 (Blade/Mentaza)

SolarPonyDjango: 2595-1134-4710 (Kevin)

SpangoNuts: 0817-3776-4557 (Chili Burger)

spyder: 5086-2143-5056 (Spyder)

sqaunche: 4227-1953-3841 (squanche)

SurrealBrouhaha: 1950-8442-8279 (Erik)

TebowTime: 4914-4183-3869 (Jonathan)

Terance Pickles: 5257-9972-5062 (Terance)

TheCiderMan: 3540 0107 9963 (Xavier)

themize: 4914-3229-7423 (Chris)

TheQuantumCat: 2664-2190-9530 (Allison)

TheYachtingClam: 1633-4201-4083 (TheYachtingClam)

tomg85: 0748-1623-1087 (Thomas)

Tra Jackson: 2449-5728-0641 

TysonOfTime: 4854-6436-0663 (Tyson)

Universal Ash: 2466-2641-8817 (Papa Black)

ura93: 5429-7882-2011 (Ura)

UsurpMyProse: 2380-3598-3764 (Duke Silver)

Vallen: 4184-2616-5978 (Vallen)

Victor Chew: 3024-6286-0031 (chewli)

Violentmantis: 0001-3353-1224 (Chris)

Wootex: 0748-2805-7485 

Wren2031: 1907-8630-5385 (Wren)

Xabier: 3797-7068-5356 (Xabi)

Xt_squeakie: 2938-6952-6697 (Christie)

yinshey: 2964-8683-5335 (Mark)

159951Mario: 3239-2479-6301 (Jared)


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