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7:55 PM on 12.04.2013

My Top 5 Video Game Songs of 2013

Thanks to Andy's post asking us what our favorite song of 2013 was, I got to thinking.  I have way more than one favorite song.  So I'm going to settle for 5, and tell you guys my top 5 favorite songs from what I've played this year!  This only includes games that came out in 2013.

As I have told you guys before, I am a music teacher in training.  So music is kind of my thing.  Later on I hope to have a recurring blog series sharing my thoughts on entire soundtracks, but for now, here are my top 5 songs of 2013.

5. Snowbelle City (Pokemon X and Y)

Pokemon X and Y introduced higher quality music to the franchise, and one of the best examples of this for me was the theme for Snowbelle City.  It has several different sections and is only about a minute long before repeating.  Even so, it's easy to listen to over and over again due to it's variety.  It gives off a wonderful winter vibe that showcases the fun of winter along with a hint of sadness as well, to show that winter is a quiet and somewhat dead season.

4. Pieces of a Broken Heart-English (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch)

The main theme for Ni No Kuni is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard.  I love the orchestrated version on the over world, but I enjoy the theme even more with vocals, whether it be the English version linked here or the original Japanese version.  The soft voices create a beautiful contrast with the full orchestral accompaniment.  The entire soundtrack is amazing.  It's hard to except anything less from Mr. Hisaishi.

3. Music: Battlefield: Storm (Etrian Odyssey IV)

When I played the Etrian Odyssey IV demo this year, the music blew me away.  This battle theme is so GOOD.  It only lasts for a little over a minute before repeating, but you can hardly tell.  It is organized almost like a pop song, with a "verse" section and an obvious "chorus" section that sounds so satisfying.  But wait, it doesn't keep repeating?  It goes into a THIRD section?  With several key changes and crazy guitar solos?  WHAT A BASS SOLO NO WAY.  Ok this is nuts. This theme is like 3 minutes long.  That's like a full song.  Yuzo Koshiro took the most played theme in an RPG, and made it a damn good song.  Etrian Odyssey games take a while, so it's a good thing you will have this badass work of art to listen to while you travel your way through its labyrinths.

This song even inspired me when writing my song to win EOIV in a contest right here on Destructoid.  I tried to imitate this song's style in my riffs and solos.

2. Boss Battle Theme (Shin Megami Tensei IV)

This song is great because of the feelings it gives you while playing.  You hear this when you fight the more powerful demons in the game.  The guitar solo may sound cool and flashy, but it's speed and sharp tone give off a sense of danger.  The instrumentation behind the guitar such as the synthesizer and the xylophone sounds really send the message.  This demon is going to tear you up.  The xylophone even gives off a sound that reminds me off empty bones clanging together.  As if the boss wasn't intimidating enough being immune to Sword, Gun, Fire, Ice, and everything else.

1. Space Reserved (Seriously)

I have this thing you see.  I never list anything as my number one favorite thing.  Do you know why?  Because it changes constantly.  There is no way that I can pick a favorite song, so I always just say something is my 2nd favorite, that way I never have to figure out what the first one is!

Sorry for the cop out, but I hope that you enjoyed my analysis of all of these songs.  I think that I will do more of these, so let me know if you guys enjoyed it!   read

4:07 PM on 11.10.2013

My 7th Generation: Rocking through the Consoles

I wrote a blog just the other day about part of my 7th Generation, but that was more of a focus on how video games influenced my life as a whole.  This blog will be entirely focused on my experiences throughout the 7th generation and some of the memories that I had.

This generation I was fortunate enough to have experienced both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.  Not only that, but I had both consoles in their shining moments.  I had the 360 in the prime of Halo 3, GTA, and the Summer of Arcade.  I became a PS3 owner around the time of the PS3 Slim (the first one) and Sony's onslaught of amazing exclusive titles and indie games.  I'm gonna give you all an overview of my experience with some games that I spent a lot of time with this generation.  First, our opening act...

Rock Band

Rock Band was my first experience with the Xbox 360.  I played it for hours upon hours with my friends and even developed my singing and drumming abilities through it.  I remember the day it came out my friends and I were stuck in class preparing for a trip to Washington later in the month.  I barely listening.  I was too excited to get home and play Rock Band.  My friends and I stole the living room, ripped open the box, and tried to piece together that damn drum set the best we could.  The first thing we played was Say It Ain't So by Weezer.  I played the guitar while my other friends struggled their way through the song with the unfamiliar drum set and singing mechanics.  Evenings like that became a regular part of my life for a few years.  Family would even join in on songs that they loved, and it seemed to bring us all together.

Halo 3

You know those middle school kids that called you hurtful names and wouldn't stop talking over the mic in Halo?  Yeah I wasn't one of those kids.  In fact I was pretty bad at Halo and FPS games in general, a trend that still continues to this day.  But I still played it because my friends were, and we had a great time.  What I remember most from Halo 3 was Forge mode.  Legos were my favorite thing as a kid, so it was really cool being able to create things with the mapmaker.  Of course I realized that everything I made was shit, so I found a website that would let me download really cool maps that people had made.  I would show my friends what I found, and we would have some really cool moments.  We played maps that were created completely diagonally, which really messes with your head.  We played a recreation of the Darth Maul battle in Star Wars episode one, which was loads of fun, and of course we played Griffball.  LOTS of Griffball.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was one of my most played games of the PS2 generation, there was so much to do and it was easy to get lost in the city.  GTA IV gave me a similar feeling even with the smaller city.  I found so many cool areas just from walking around the city.  One of my favorite things to do was hide in a warehouse that stored soda pop.  I would jack my wanted level up sky high, then hide in the back, letting cops pile into the building.  An epic gunfight would then take place, the cops and I running for cover behind cardboard boxes full of carbonated beverages.  The bullets would fly, and the soda would crack open and spill all over the floor, mixing in with the blood of the battle.  That was my favorite part about fighting here.  The soda pouring out of the bottles.  It was a level of detail that I hadn't seen in games.  I had never been able to interact with the environment like that.

Then there was the online mode, which luckily has returned with smoothed out features in GTA V.  I would run around in free mode with my friends just dicking around, jumping over anything we could jump over in our stolen taxis.  I remember making custom game modes in the multiplayer, such as Team Deathmatch on Liberty Island with nothing but ROCKET LAUNCHERS.  Pure chaos.

Castle Crashers

Oh man Castle Crashers.  This game was my introduction into the world of indie games.  Just like the past 3 games mentioned, I played this for what seemed like days on end.  I got several characters up to Level 99, and got my hands on every weapon and animal orb I could find.  This was a great game to play with my Rock Band buddies once we got tired of standing and rocking out.  We would just relax and enjoy riding defecating deers.  Castle Crashers has shown me to keep an eye out for small indie games, because sometimes they can provide you with a lot more entertainment than your standard $60 AAA title.

Those were all good times, but they were put to an abrupt end by the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

After losing my 360, I went back to the PS2, where I found Persona 3 and 4.  That's a topic that will be explored later, because I could go on forever about those games.

Fastforward to the end of 2010, we finally got a PS3, because by that point it wasn't $600.

Our PS3 came bundled with LittleBigPlanet and inFamous.  I quickly learned that LBP wasn't really my thing, so I played inFamous until my eyes hurt.


inFamous was actually the first PS3/360 game that I played in HD.  Didn't have an HDTV when I had an Xbox, so this HD world was all new for me.  inFamous was pretty good, I knew it had flaws, but it was the only game that I had for a long time.  I did everything I could.  I collected tons of Blast Shards, and did all of the side missions, and played through the game both as the Hero and as the Anti-Hero.

Uncharted 2

With the PS3 I was able to enjoy a lot more single player games than I could on the 360.  Especially Uncharted.  This game guys.  It felt like I was played every action scene from every action movie ever.  It was thrilling from start to finish.

The trend of fun single player games continued as I discovered Assassin's Creed II, Mass Effect, Arkham City, and others.  This generation was filled to the brim with great games, and I have had some amazing moments with this generation.  This is the generation that I basically grew up it.  I went from a middle schooler with an Xbox to a College student with a PS3 and a healthy collection of games to show for it.  I've grown up, and so has my taste in games.  Thanks to Castle Crashers and the crazy weird stuff that Sony puts out, I've expanded my horizons and have let myself experience so many cool games like Limbo, Journey, and 3D Dot Game Heroes.  

What a ride.  so many memories, so many games, and so much time spent on the couch staring at the light of the TV.  Here's hoping for more memories, more great games, and more time spent looking at that TV to escape to somewhere new and exciting.   read

4:21 PM on 11.07.2013

How Video Games shaped my Life and Future Career

I've been ignoring the wonderful world of the Cblogs.  Mostly because I've been too busy and lazy to actually type anything over here.  I've become increasingly more active with the start of the Destructoid Pokemon Community.  But I wanted to take a few minutes to tell all of you a little bit about myself, and possibly talk about what I plan to use the Cblogs for.

To start off with, I grew up in a small town that I still live in to this day.  I am currently going to school at a nearby College for Vocal Music Education.  I plan to tell a bunch of high schoolers how to make pretty noises with their voices.  I obviously sing, but I started my journey into music through the trumpet, and then the guitar.  I dropped the trumpet like a bad habit as soon as I found the guitar.  The guitar was "cool" to middle school me.

Let's get into why I'm here though.  Video games.  It's why I'm here, it's why you are here, and it's how you stumbled upon my small pile of words.  My first experience with video games was with the Super Nintendo.  I don't remember us buying it, I just remember it being there and playing it whenever my parents brought it out.  We only had two games; Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country.  I played a lot of those games, taking turns with my Mom and Dad.  As time went on, my parents went their separate ways and got divorced.  I then went to live with my Dad several hours away from my Mother.  I still live with my Dad to this day while I continue my education.

Two things were incredibly influential to me in my love of video games, and music.  The first was Pokemon.

The first game system that I had for myself was the GameBoy Advance.  It was the original one.  Without a backlit screen.  I had to use a clamp-on light to see my games.  The first game I had on my new GBA?  Pokemon Silver.  That's right Silver.  Ruby and Sapphire weren't even close to being released yet.

Pokemon Silver and later Pokemon Blue served me for hours upon hours.  Since it took several hours to visit my Mom, Pokemon filled the gap in-between.  I would play the games from start to finish, restart, then do it all again.  I played it in the car, at home, any events that I was carted around to, and even the hospital when my grandmother was sick.  I remember that because I beat Pokemon Blue while I was in the lobby.

One of the most memorable parts of my childhood was in the form of a surprise gift from my Dad.  We had just switched cars with my Mom and were about to head home, when my Dad pulled out two large looking objects; Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.  It wasn't just the games either.  Both of the games had pack in strategy guides.  My little brother and I were beaming with excitement.  I remember starting the game, trying to hear the music through the small speakers, and holding onto the clamp-on light so I could see what was happening.  I once again spent hours playing Pokemon Ruby over and over again, even switching games with my little brother so I could play Sapphire.  To this day I know those games like the back of my hand.  Pokemon wasn't just part of my childhood.  It was my childhood.  

But childhood fades, and I soon found myself ridiculed for liking Pokemon.  Eager to fit into tweenage life, I made a terrible decision.  I sold my Pokemon games.  All of them.  Pokemon Blue, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, etc.  All of them.  You'll never guess what I bought with the money.

Just as Pokemon consumed my childhood life, Guitar Hero consumed my awkward years in middle school and high school.  I had already been playing guitar for a year when I found guitar hero.  It was set up a a demo at a truck stop.  The first song I played was "You Really Got Me" by Van Halen.  I loved it.  So after selling my GBA and all of my games, I purchased Guitar Hero II.

I played through all of it, slowly getting better and better, and trading the guitar with friends.  It didn't get old, and it surprisingly helped me continue working on my real guitar playing.  Guitar Hero showed me songs that I wouldn't otherwise know, and after playing them on the game I would try to learn them on the real guitar.  

I kept playing, Guitar Hero and the guitar, and excelled at both, playing impressive passages on the guitar and Expert level on Guitar Hero.  But I didn't expect what came next.

Rock Band.  The game that introduced me to the 7th Generation of gaming consoles.  I didn't have a PS3 or 360 when Rock Band was announced, but I knew that as soon as I saw the game that I had to have it.  Guitar Hero with DRUMS? And SINGING?  You could have a whole band in your living room!  It was so exciting.  So Christmas that year I got an Xbox 360 along with Rock Band.

The amount of money and time that I sunk into this game could have bought me a guitar.  But I kept playing and purchasing all the same.  Rock Band's approach to DLC was revolutionary.  It was like iTunes for a music game.  I believe that I purchased over 200 songs.  Which was a lot of money.  It's a good thing that my Xbox got the Red Ring of Death, otherwise I probably would have kept throwing every bit of money I had at the game, but I do owe Rock Band and Harmonix one thing.  My singing.

For some reason, I was the only person who had the cojones to sing when we played Rock Band, and because of that I was stuck singing almost all of the time.  Something crazy happened though.  I started to enjoy it.  I grew accustomed to my voice, and it developed.  I grew confidence, which was astounding since I was incredibly afraid of performance related things beforehand.  I sang so much and was beginning to get compliments, and I found friends to make real music with and I even led a group in church for a while.  It was Rock Band, but for real, and thanks to that game, I became a better musician for it.

People started to notice my voice, including my high school choir director.  She encouraged me to join Choir, and I did.  After two years of Choir, I decided that was what I wanted to do with my life.  Music was going to be a part of my life.  

I am currently in my second year as a Vocal Education Major, and I am still learning and growing.  I give a lot of credit to Guitar Hero and Rock Band for my love of music and my abilities, and rightfully so.  Guitar Hero showed me how awesome the guitar was, and Rock Band showed me how much fun it is to sing.  Video games showed me my way of life guys.  

If any of you want to see the fruit of my labor, then I will direct you to a song I wrote to win a contest right here on Destructoid.  (I won by the way)


10:09 PM on 10.27.2013

The Destructoid Pokemon Community ROUND 2

EDIT: I will no longer be updating the list.  Everyone seems to be content with communicating in the comments.  I may or may not take the current list down.  Not sure what to do there yet.

Well guys it's been a little over a week since I started this little Pokemon group for Destructoid members.  It's EXPLODED.  As I'm writing this, the original post has over 400 comments on it, and almost 40 members.  It's been really cool talking and trading with you guys, and hopefully things will keep getting better.

Some new additions include guides!  Oceanicus has created a breeding guide which is all kinds of awesome.  I'm sure more things like this will come up, and we even plan to have a tournament next month!

I suppose I should explain what this is though for newcomers.  This is the Destructoid Pokemon Group!  Which I'm currently naming Poketoid.  Feel free to tell me how much that name sucks.  This is where fans of both Pokemon and Destructoid gather to battle and trade in a gentlemanly manner.  Here's how we do things:

Leave your Friend Code and Trainer Name. (This makes it easier to know who is playing)

If you add someone, tell them! (With over 40 people, it's hard to keep track)

edit: Guys I'm glad that so many of you want to trade and battle here, but this is a group for connecting with other Destructoid members.  If you want to be in, Please make an account.  I will not add guests.  I'm sorry.

Use the comments section to ask for help/suggestions, battles or trades.  See you in Kalos Dtoiders!

Friend Codes Updated as of 12/1 (Thanks amg0D)

Aaron K Stone: 3952-6995-3809 (Aaron)

AclorsXV 3668-7969-0744 (Aclors)

Adrian Leigh Gordon: 3969-4674-7274 (Adrian)

Aeline Zel: 0018-1157-4950 (Ael)

Agidyne64: 4682-9482-2113 (Tyler)

Air Sylph: 1864-9772-8264 (Sylfang)

Alex: 2638-0487-4178 (Alex)

amg0D: 3926-4962-0562 (Dogma)

Androp: 0834-1234-9804 (Eva)

Andy Roque: 2809-8637-3195 (AzureStarline)

Antwhan: 2723-9871-0435 (Anthony)

Another_Me: 1005-9341-5163 (V137)

Aperezboii: 4957-3586-3485

Baezil: 3454-1218-2478 (Baezil)

Baryn Alex Dumas: 2723-9311-4775 (Baryn)

Ben101: 1521-3704-1760 (Ben)

Brad Abard: 5198-2629-0348 (Abard)

CaughtBlushing: 0533-5356-3592 (Alice)

Ced: 0946-2504-4967 (Zedd)

Chaoticwolf: 2036-7021-7116 (Arian)

ChelseaLane: 2895-7683-4302 (Chelsea)

Chris Carter: 0946-2328-2650 (Chris)

Chris Fitzsimmons: 2165-5115-7357 (Tsunayoshi)

Courtney Hath: 1005-9095-1568 (Courtney)

crackedbat: 1633-4277-3240

crackity jones: 4382-1975-8702 (Addison)

CripplerJones: 5043-1254-7033 (Perry)

Culture Snake: 2165-6244-6816 (James)

DAN: 5429-7454-2412 (DSHAD)

Daniel Sanchez: 3196-4028-8956 (Daniel)

darkeyes43: 2191-7714-7436 (Ace)

DarkJack: 4081-6068-9878 (Jack)

DasGaus: 0834-1048-5511 (Das Gaus)

DMCdante888: 1907-9379-6709 (DMCdante)

Donald Prisciliano Kipple: 5069-3972-7865 (Don)

Dookysharpgun: 0920-0333-4709 (Gooch)

Doop: 4210-4027-4735 (Geodave)

dp827: 5370-1137-0525

DreamingRevenge: 2492-5207-5709

DriftedPlanet: 2750-2064-6470 (Im hornay) (<--He did it for the lulz)

dr scoobie: 2750-1820-6108 (Requests that you reply to him first)

Dudsy: 5343-8512-9900 (Dudsy)

Edd Strid: 2148-8291-3586 (Edd)

E-Man: 4167-5571-4972 (Ian)

Evan: 3738-0776-6835 (Evan)

Fat Cat: 1564-2659-7682 (Jake)

Flamoctapus: 0602-6285-7916 (Kiefer)

Foysnoize: 2809-8451-6444 (Thomas)

giantp1tuf0: 3196-4147-8939

Glatzl: 2809-8480-0666

Golden Avenger: 3067-4855-2228 (Wes)

greystar51: 1907-8119-5446 (DJ)

Hobofisherman .: 2895-7818-9962

Hosse: 1848-1837-6344 (Hosse)

Ian: 1676-4205-4795 (Idog127)

IDKHTB: 0318-7266-8438

isisroth: 1950-8963-7633 (Nora)

jack: 2337-3777-0078

JadeCade: 4356-0679-5591 (Jade)

JapanDad:3308-5921-1297 (DAVE)  JapanDad as his name suggests, has a Japanese step son.  Add him if you want to.  2063-0592-7168

jasondm300: 5069-3965-0763 (Jason)

JaylnVA: 1564-2418-7417

jbcrazy305: 4811-6967-3392 (JB)

jk: 2294-4672-2578 (Xavier)

John: 3652-1862-9039 (Catalina)

JordanBuck: 0662-3822-5072 (Buck)

Josiah Jordan: 2406-5146-3426 (Syah)

Jqud: 4897-7383-2578 (Jack)

Juan Treviño Guevara: 1719-3494-5218 (Juan)

JulioToonpik7: 5129-0189-1183 (Julio)

Juwan Rogers: 0834-1938-3507 (Juwan)

JvK92: 1349-5195-4592

KeithTheGeek: 5026-4475-8239 (Brandon)

Killerkeiron123: 3411-1327-4547 (Keiron)

Kingjimbo: 1048-9115-8120 (Aardworm)

Lady Rainicorn: 2423-2580-7207 (HD)

lan: 2578-3309-3334 (Wolfwood)

LazrDragon: 3625-8671-7077 (Chris)

LegendPenguin: 0173-1296-0517 (Penguin)

Legend1282: 3566-2242-1951 (Cade)

LegoFan: 1075-0732-3172 (Dan)

Lemons: 3110-5159-9187

Lily Orta: 0705-2849-7177 (kidneko)

LogicalChaos: 5026-4450-5353

madfigs: 3566-1707-5303 (Pookie)

Marc: 1564-3387-5996 (Marc)

MarileneRiddle: 1349-5920-8565 (Marilene)

mexazn: 3969-4407-4575 (Mexazn)

mickeygfunk: 3625-7778-0666 (Dominik)

molamolacolacake: 4854-7093-7671 (Sadie)

Mossax: 0645-5847-1529 (Moss)

MrFunsockz: 1762-2697-6390 (Tom)

Mr 3man: 0817-3831-9275 (3man)

MVRK HNTR: 1607-2078-1436 (Miguel)

NegFactor: 0275-8260-1789 (Khai)

Nekrosys: 0173-1493-1963 (Dennis)

Notme84: 3711-7688-5532 (Notme)

Nuneso15: 5086-1839-7453 (Red)

Oafkad: 3050-7686-8755 (Rico)

Oceanicus: 2105-8899-0137 (Salvador)

Patrick: 4484-8366-6275 (Pat)

pippox: 1435-4426-8277 (Pip)

Pixielated: 3093-7070-1972 (Faye)

Pulse: 0731-5053-4190 (Andrew)

PurplePecker: 5429-7594-8101 (Ethan)

pz3r: 1650-2173-1833 (Sam)

Ramita: 4613-6203-2599 (Ricardo)

QuantumDude: 4656-6775-5988 (Bart)

randombullseye: 2509-2160-9894 (Bullseye)

Reekfish: 2509-2103-6499 (Serenity)

retrop: 2122-5573-1580 (Retrop)

rexwolf2: 3437-3077-8993 (Rex)

Rey T: 5429-7165-9200 (Rey)

Rob Oze: 0018-0916-8686 (Tikidood)

rtbot2k: 3DS XL: 1564-2921-3709 (Jackie) (<--Most Used) 2DS: 0189-9527-7725 (Sapphira)

rybr4: 1418-6793-7280

Sarah: 2766-8742-6462 (Sarah)

sean michael: 1864-9056-2105 (Sean)

Sean Sapp: 4355-9447-4371 (Sean)

Seta Soujiro: 1693-1029-2523 (Seta)

Shadowsigma: 1461-6214-2239 (Sigma)

Shredded Angel: 3239-2426-3543 (Blade/Mentaza)

SolarPonyDjango: 2595-1134-4710 (Kevin)

SpangoNuts: 0817-3776-4557 (Chili Burger)

spyder: 5086-2143-5056 (Spyder)

sqaunche: 4227-1953-3841 (squanche)

SurrealBrouhaha: 1950-8442-8279 (Erik)

TebowTime: 4914-4183-3869 (Jonathan)

Terance Pickles: 5257-9972-5062 (Terance)

TheCiderMan: 3540 0107 9963 (Xavier)

themize: 4914-3229-7423 (Chris)

TheQuantumCat: 2664-2190-9530 (Allison)

TheYachtingClam: 1633-4201-4083 (TheYachtingClam)

tomg85: 0748-1623-1087 (Thomas)

Tra Jackson: 2449-5728-0641 

TysonOfTime: 4854-6436-0663 (Tyson)

Universal Ash: 2466-2641-8817 (Papa Black)

ura93: 5429-7882-2011 (Ura)

UsurpMyProse: 2380-3598-3764 (Duke Silver)

Vallen: 4184-2616-5978 (Vallen)

Victor Chew: 3024-6286-0031 (chewli)

Violentmantis: 0001-3353-1224 (Chris)

Wootex: 0748-2805-7485 

Wren2031: 1907-8630-5385 (Wren)

Xabier: 3797-7068-5356 (Xabi)

Xt_squeakie: 2938-6952-6697 (Christie)

yinshey: 2964-8683-5335 (Mark)

159951Mario: 3239-2479-6301 (Jared)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   read

11:56 AM on 10.19.2013

The Dtoid Pokemon Community!

UPDATE: We have moved to a newer shinier blog!  Check it out here.

With the release of Pokemon X and Y, I've been connecting with a lot more of my fellow Dtoiders, and have exchanged a few friend codes.  I have noticed a problem though.  While X and Y have improved online features, it is almost impossible to communicate properly on there.  I figured I would help us out and try and organize everything here in this blog.

If any of you want to trade and battle with other Dtoiders, please add your FC in the comments section and I will add it into the blog for easy access.  Feel free to use the comments section to communicate with others.  KeithTheGeek also reminded me that there is a Safari Zone that you can go to after you beat the game, and you can catch more Pokemon depending on how many friends you have registered.  So add all of us and I'll see you in Kalos!

Edit: By the way guys, when you add your friend codes, please leave your Pokemon name so I can put it off to the side.  That way we can tell who from Dtoid we are playing with, cause I kind of forget who wants to trade with me and all of that.

2nd Edit: We are getting quite a lot more codes, so it's easy to lose track of who we are adding.  A few of us having been doing this, but when you add someone, you should probably let them know, so they know to add you back.  Thanks guys!  I hope that this group is really helping you guys out.

Friend Codes:

Aaron K Stone: 3952-6995-3809 (Aaron)

Adrian Leigh Gordon: 3969-4674-7274

Agidyne64: 4682-9482-2113 (Tyler)

Air Sylph: 1864-9772-8264 (Sylfang)

amg0D: 3926-4962-0562 (Dogma)

Androp: 0834-1234-9804 (Eva)

Brad Abard: 5198-2629-0348 (Abard)

Ced: 0946-2504-4967 (Zedd)

crackedbat: 1633-4277-3240

CripplerJones: 5043-1254-7033 (Perry)

darkeyes43: 2191-7714-7436 (Ace)

DasGaus: 0834-1048-5511 (Das Gaus)

DreamingRevenge: 2492-5207-5709

DriftedPlanet: 2750-2064-6470 (Im hornay) (<--He did it for the lulz)

dr scoobie: 2750-1820-6108 (Requests that you reply to him first)

Edd Strid: 2148-8291-3586 (Edd)

Golden Avenger: 3067-4855-2228 (Wes)

Hosse: 1848-1837-6344 (Hosse)

Ian: 1676-4205-4795 (Idog127)

IDKHTB: 0318-7266-8438

jasondm300: 5069-3965-0763 (Jason)

KeithTheGeek: 5026-4475-8239 (Brandon)

Lady Rainicorn: 2423-2580-7207 (HD)

LegendPenguin: 0173-1296-0517 (Penguin)

LegoFan: 1075-0732-3172 (Dan)

molamolacolacake: 4854-7093-7671 (Sadie)

Nekrosys: 0173-1493-1963 (Dennis)

Oceanicus: 2105-8899-0137 (Salvador)

randombullseye: 2509-2160-9894 (Bullseye)

retrop: 2122-5573-1580 (Retrop)

Seta Soujiro: 1693-1029-2523 (Seta)

Shadowsigma: 1461-6214-2239 (Sigma)

Terance Pickles: 5257-9972-5062 (Terance)

TheCiderMan: 3540 0107 9963 (Xavier)

TheQuantumCat: 2664-2190-9530 (Allison)

ura93: 5429-7882-2011 (Ura)

UsurpMyProse: 2380-3598-3764 (Duke Silver)

Violentmantis: 0001-3353-1224 (Chris)

Hopefully if we get enough people connected we can start a Dtoid Pokemon Tournament!  I'm looking forward to battling and trading with all of you!   read

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