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AgentMOO avatar 10:43 PM on 06.02.2008  (server time)
Cincinnati Mega-NARP: THE MUSIC

It's already an established fact that the Cincinnati Mega NARP was epic - but the private show put on by talented Dtoiders GuitarAtomik (I KILL PXLS) and Cosbytron (Ryan Gorsuch) was a massive epicenter of unbridled win.

GuitarAtomik started off with a drama building Continue? intro busting into a the ranged vocals of Your Last Life. It was sometime during 3D Lover that the computer experienced an awesome overload and had to be reset. Once things were back up a few more rocking renditions of songs from Press Start were belted out, and then Cosbytron stepped up.

Cosbytron took the stage and rocked the house from the first song on with an AMAZING acoustic version of Karma Police. Ryan played an array of excellent covers and original songs including a badass rendition of U2's One. Ryan's offical myspace music page is at and you can find his Destructoid song at

And to top it off after all of our collective socks had been rocked off - GuitarAtomik busted out the Dtoid favorites The Destructoid Theme and I'm a shark. The sheer phallic power of the refrains "ALSO COOOOOCKS" and I'm a shaaark SUCK MY DIIIIIICK put a baby in every man, woman, and child in a ten-block radius, no joke.

Prepare for footage - the action was recorded by Puppet, who is actually a pretty nice guy!

P.S. The I KILL PXLS album: Press Start is Free! Download it now!

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