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Agent9 avatar 8:35 PM on 05.01.2013  (server time)
Its Been a while


It has indeed been a while. I really needed the study and work time which meant no fooling around on the interwebs. A real struggle at times but it has a good payoff. I do not think my grades have looked this healthy in well… ever. Wal-Mart’s also been the same, new manager old BS but hey what can you do. I went to tour the Google facilities in NY and for the heck of it handed in a resume just to talk it over and see what I need to improve on. I do plan to try my hand at android development since I got my hands on a nexus 7 and I think it would be a good starting point for a small project I have in mind.
 All that aside I must say things have changed (talking about that new Dafoe theme and lack of fap button). It’s like coming back home and your room was rearranged then you need to look and rediscover things. Some pleasant and others… well not so good.

To my stomachs distaste though it seems like a boob war has erupted while I was away, no more accurately a war involving someone’s art direction.  Look I can handle a debate but this turns my stomach too much. I was going to enjoy wings Wednesday but I couldn't bring myself to eat a single wing yet, not the cheap stuff either this is good quality wings were talking here. Wing Wednesday is a standing tradition amongst some of us college goers. Look, find what you like and support it, there are plenty of games out there and plenty of styles. I think everybody has had their fill of that stuff though.

Anyway it is still good to be back. I do hope to post more in the C blogs and visit a bit more since my studies are winding down. even through the shit storms that hit us from time to time I still love you all (like my dysfunctional internet family).

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