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Currently majoring in CS and I hope to eventually go into independent development. That being said I've always enjoyed art and technology which is the driving force behind my career choice.

other than that I'm not too hard to please so I enjoy a wide variety of games. if it controls well and has a good story and/or mechanics I'm there.

Besides games I enjoy camping, theatre, art, and a few other things.
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9:12 AM on 10.23.2014

Only 6 days remain everyone. Personally I don’t go out, nor do I celebrate Halloween, however I do enjoy the spooky stuff. The end of Halloween also marks the start of November or Novembergeddon. For those of you who don’t know I have a part time retail job and things get crazy on what I consider to be one of the worst months of the year, for me at least. Anyway Today’s song is:


Clock tower: all chase themes


For the most part these songs remain very similar which is why I placed them all together. Even the save room theme from Resident Evil has more variation across its multiple installments. I feel the song however does a good job of establishing the fact that shit’s going down and you should bolt before Edward scissor man gets you. I also find that keeping the themes similar has actually worked quite well. If you are a long time player you already know what’s coming without anyone needing to tell you. It also stirs up old fears, excellent for a horror game.

I got the clock tower series for the PlayStation consoles and didn’t even know it had come out for other systems till later on. I don’t regret buying it for the PlayStation though, looks nice next to Resident Evil collection.


10:26 PM on 10.22.2014

Hello everyone. The Day draws near as we reach the final stretch. Less than 10 days remain as Halloween approaches. Today’s Song is:

Creepy Castle Catacombs from DK 64.

DK 64 is one of my all-time favorite Donkey Kong games and to the best of my knowledge the only 3d DK game ever made. It has a very Banjo feel to it (seeing as it was made by the same team) and that is not a bad thing. Each Kong had their own unique abilities which made playing through levels really fun, and who can forget the Iconic “Gold Banana” complete with jingle. That being said I've never had the opportunity to complete Donkey Kong 64, as it was destroyed during one of my numerous moves. I will not recount the tale as it still brings me some grief to this day.

I chose this song simply because it’s festive. You can play this at a party as some background music and people would probably enjoy it even though they know nothing about it. Heck, I plan on playing it by the windows for the kids that come by. It really embodies that brighter part of the month of October. Intended to be spooky but not terrifying.  

1:03 PM on 10.21.2014

Hello and welcome back to another installment of 31 days. Today’s song is:

Pokémon Mansion: Pokémon red

This song never really creeped me out but it was rather eerie and mysterious. I remember exploring the entirety of the mansion looking for Pokémon and reading the journals.  Solar beam is also located in the mansion which was a must have for my Venusaur (I got all the starters via trade from my brother). I was always fascinated by the mystery of that mansion. It wasn’t till later that I realized that was the same mansion that created Mewtwo and quite possibly where dittos originated from.  For those of you who don’t know dittos base stats are only 20 points off from mews, and they are the only 2 Pokémon capable of using transform that learn it naturally. Both also share the same shiny pallet swap which further cements the idea that dittos are failed mew clones. There’s a lot of history and mystery behind that mansion, shame that it’s not available in S/G/C as it has been swallowed by lava. I would have loved to learn more about that mansion and what took place there.

8:18 PM on 10.20.2014

Welcome back everyone to another installment of 31 Days. Today’s song is:



Abandoned pit – Castlevenia SOTN

SOTN is by far one of my favorite Castlevenia games with excellent combat and music. This song is no exception. In a pit that is initially devoid of enemies but strangely well-kept for being abandoned (until you do typical adventurer things) you have 3 options.

Option 1 – Go back

Option 2 – go to the bottom and save

Option 3 – Face the boss and continue

Hopefully you picked option 3 followed by option 2. Yes the pit is rather eerie. You’re first greeted with this music when you enter the pit. The only things present are the obvious boss door, some torches, and a final door at the bottom to save. This song really does it for me. The piano work is also excellent, using a constant tone that sounds a tad off changing in tone only slightly during its loop.  Interestingly enough there is a monster called the Venus weed. The monster also goes by the name Alura une. This may or may not be related to a certain German book.

10:31 PM on 10.19.2014

Hello and welcome to 31 days. Today’s song is:



Home- Lone survivor

Lone survivor was a game covered by dtoid which is how I found it. It’s a fantastic game that places the player in the shoes of a shut in who is trying to avoid/live through an apocalyptic event, or is he. The game was covered today on the front page so If you haven’t read that go read it and then buy the game. It really is cleaver and well crafted. It handles well and has a fantastic story.

This particular song sets the tone of the game really well (it’s also the First song you’ll hear when playing the game). It’s got low notes that drone continually with a few higher tuned notes playing periodically as part of the song. What I would describe as a heartbeat like sounds plays during the first few moments of the song. The song itself is unnerving and yet I’m oddly attracted to it. I wouldn’t listen to it too late at night, but there’s something both scary and peaceful about it.

10:31 PM on 10.18.2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to another installment of 31 days. Today’s song is:


Strains of insanity: Chrono Trigger.


Do I really need to say why this song creeps me the fuck out? Yes… Fine. Look Chrono Trigger is a fantastic game, but this song always, always bothers me. The high notes make me feel alarmed, as if something is wrong. Then there’s that laugh/crying going on in the background. It makes me feel paranoid, as if I’m not alone even when I should be. I can see why they called this “Strains of insanity”, they really captured the discord and despair of a person losing control.