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13 hours ago - 2:57 AM on 09.03.2015

Sifting through the cacophony

This is a long one, probably the longest blog I've ever bloged. It's not Zeta levels long (not a bad thing) but it's long so please bear with me. 

We’ll I think it’s time for another 2am blog writing session as this has been something that has weighed on me for a while already. I would like to talk about debate and discussion here on D-toid, my own personal take on all this.

 You know when I have a debate with someone it’s a test of sorts. It tests my beliefs and values as a person. Much in the way gold is purified through fire we as individuals are also “purified” when we enter a debate with an open heart and mind and that’s really the only way it works. You don’t have to change your opinion; debate may strengthen your beliefs and push you further to better things in life.

This is how I like to approach a conversation of a more serious nature, however in light of recent events, and many before it I have to say that it’s really hard to do so, and it isn’t just one group of people.

Let me open by saying that I though Jed’s article the other day was actually written better than previous ones he wrote. It’s not perfect and it’s missing a few things but overall more enjoyable. The comments, not as bad as I thought they would get but still not pretty.


I rate this 5/swagduck


Now moving forward as I’ve said before it’s hard to have proper discourse. Some of you are probably thinking “well it’s because of those sexist pigs on D-toid” and there are others who are thinking “it’s those fuckwit SJW’s”. If this really is what you’re thinking then stop. Take a moment and examine yourself. You are passing a pretty harsh judgment of someone you don’t know jack shit about. I think for some it’s all too easy to default to this and it really needs to stop. I try to avoid insults because all it amounts to is a week argument not based on fact but an assumption of character. If someone is really being a dick then by all means but More often than not I see this used on the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Even if it was true (generally isn’t but for those who may be stubborn), you would still technically be making an assumption you have no method of proving. Furthermore as the saying goes even a broken clock is right twice a day. It isn’t wrong for a criminal to condemn crime, or to tell you that 2+2 is 4. The only thing attacking a person ever does is leave people angry and with hurt feeling. Be they in the comments or from the actual writer (sad but it’s happened) they really serve no purpose. This doesn’t mean you can’t argue a point or take issue with the way someone goes about doing something but that isn’t the only thing it should be about. Basically don’t be that guy that say’s “well if you don’t agree with me then you're this that and the other” and leave it at that. Don’t be so overly dismissive. Take the time to address what you take issue with in a respectful manner. A jab or 2 is fine but don’t leave behind bile for the rest of the community to soak up.

The next thing I want to talk about are opinions



We are all entitled to an opinion. You can have yours and I can have mine. This is what makes the world so grand, that we can both be so similar and yet so different. This is what brings the vibrant colors to the painting that we call life.



The problem I find is that People end up responding quickly without taking a moment to really thing. A more emotionally post if you will. I saw one post on Jed’s article and all it said was “fuck off” (and this wasn’t to Jed but to someone else) there was no extrapolation, no meaningful dialog, nothing. It also seemed to be the only dialog between these two members, the receiver never made a retort. If all you really have to say is “fuck off” and it’s not a konami article or industry BS then please don’t bother. Take the time to make something better.



Is it really that hard to either let it go or post your thoughts in a respectful manner? Taking the time to write lets you cool off and allows a more coherent and beneficial response for the community to read. I have avoided my fair share of unnecessary vitriol by doing so. Why is it important to avoid? Because this space isn’t just my space alone nor is it the other person, it’s everyone’s space and I would like to keep it as clean as possible, except for konami because #fuckkonami.  



It’s inevitable, soon all Konami based IP's will be a pachinko someday. 


As an extension of that I would also like to plead with you all. Can we pull back and not instantly go on the attack. When someone makes a comment disagreeing with the article don’t rush in there gung-ho to tell him/her that he’s/she’s wrong and call him/her some kind of name in the process. Leave your opinion if you must but take the time to craft something good. Too often do I see people attack what I find to be a decent counter point to an article (being generally rude, nasty, or obnoxious)? The worst part is and I’ve said this before is that when this happens some people take on this attitude where nothing is ever good enough, said person can’t have a good opinion, they’re always wrong, and they can never bring a good point. That is to me the height of ignorance. If that’s what your post amounts to then don’t even post. This is vastly different from simply having a different opinion and agreeing to disagree.

Now this goes both ways as well. I ask our community members that we all take a moment to consider participation in these articles rather than jumping the gun and going straight into critique all the time. This last one honestly didn’t seem that bad and from what I gathered it only talked about the lack of black women in games, something that I think is true and wouldn’t mind getting changed. As a matter of fact none of us would mind provided the characters were we’ll written like everyone else, and as their own person (this however is another topic for another time). That’s something I think other members need to realize, nobody but the most extreme trolls thinks that diversity is bad. We’re probably more progressive than most sites, and the insurance combined


Take that flo

Jokes aside as a community we just don’t take BS (or spout it like kotaku) and write our hearts out pouring into each other like a weird internet family of digital love, homoeroticism, and well many other things. We are an equal opportunity sex lovin community. So long as it doesn’t break the law feel free to openly profess your love of Jed’s beard or Gardevoir in a SFW manner. When it comes down to it I almost feel like we end up fighting for no real reason at all because we all actually agree. Perhaps we simply disagree on the presentation or the method but the general points at their core aren’t exactly the issue (by my count at least).

To wrap this up I would like to ask of all of you, of us, can we all take the time to make ourselves better. Can we take the time to be better to each other, to staff and vice versa? Can we have more meaningful questions asked at the end of these to spur a more concentrated direction of conversation? Can we as a community come up with solutions and hash things out? I’m rather tired of having these war zones on our “home turf” when in truth they could all just be avoided. Agree or disagree that’s up to you but I’ve said my peace. I will not sleep for about 4 hours and then play MGS5 till I have to go to work. Until next time




2:46 AM on 08.31.2015

gonna help my mom move and pack some things. what it means is I'm gonna sit and get yelled at whether I do or do not do something. I can't be the only one with a picky parent that expects nothing less than clairvoyance (-_-)


10:24 AM on 08.29.2015

Splatfest Decipticons, Let us crush the Autobot menace [img][/img]


1:01 AM on 08.28.2015

Shovel Knight amiibo trailer reveal

well the title says it all. this is from game explain so I feel it's pretty legitimate. As much as I think the co-op mode and customizable features are good I can't help but feel a little disappointed that he won't be making smash as people speculated. I still want the amiibo though and I hope other amiibo can be integrated into the game to unlock custom armor or shovels kinda like the battle toads and kratos set. Any way it is what it is and I would love to co-op this game with my brother so I’m definitely getting it as soon as it comes out.


What about your thoughts, like what you see, hate it, want to have sex with it, leave a comment and voice your opinion.


10:48 AM on 08.18.2015

I guess Tuesday is maintenance day for a lot of places.


10:44 PM on 08.17.2015

hearthstone plus podtoid is a great combo.


10:43 PM on 08.17.2015


1:02 AM on 08.17.2015

might be a slowpoke but mario party 10 and the new 3ds xl are 50% off at you can match the price at a walmart if you stop by with the add printout, if it's out of stock use the mobile version, it doesn't show in stock values.


12:11 PM on 08.13.2015

[youtube][/youtube] so a trailer of sorts for knite and the ghost lights came out. I think it looks alright, seems a bit empty though.


11:52 PM on 07.12.2015

goodbye Iwata

When I post it’s usually by a great level of motivation as  my job leaves me very drained. In light of recent events though it's one of those moments. 

Firstly: My condolences to his family. Death is hard to deal with, you want to put your best face forward but it’s never easy. This is coming off a double death for my close friend and co-worker’s aunt and mother. His Aunt died of natural causes; they had to pull the plug on his mother earlier today. The look on his face was a terrible one, one I'm fairly familiar with undfortunatly. What can you do? There really isn't anything you can say to comfor the heart. Words alone wont take the sting away. The only thing I could do was to be there for him. Sometimes it helps to talk a bit. This week (as I measure it Monday to Monday) has ended for me on quite a sour note, but I won’t let it stay at that alone.


I cried when I saw the news, and to some that may seem strange. Why shed a tear for a man who you never knew personally? I don’t think you need to know someone on a personal level to be saddened by their departure. I grew up on Sega genesis and Nintendo (though we know how that ended), and I have lots of fond memories even in my later years. From waking up on a Saturday morning to play Mario, enjoying Pokémon stadium with my brother, or playing Donkey Kong country with my cousin, those are moments I still remember. Of all the things I’ve forgotten over the years I still hold those close to my heart. This also inspired me to get into programming where I then enrolled at NJIT. I would move over 13 times in my life and while people and places faded away I still had my family, and I still had Nintendo to brighten up my day. 

very true for a lot of us here. I have many people at nintendo to thank for that, but one of them has passed.

 It’s clear that Iwata had some major influences on many games and the company as a whole. From Pokémon stadium to smash and even Metroid his drive to challenge people to make fun, exciting, and fresh experiences has created the Nintendo we know and love to this day, even if they mess up sometimes. He was also the only President I’ve ever known to have cut his salary in half just to help people keep their jobs. If that isn’t love and compassion I don’t think I know what is. He was our Defender from the crap that pervades the industry, and a true lover of his work. He was a great man, and he will be sorely missed, but I won’t dwell on this.

Instead I’ll spend the time remembering all the joy I’ve been brought through the years thanks to his effort, and the effort of those who worked with him. It was due to his attitude about work and his love for his career that made his games great and I both respect and admire his work.  Rest in peace Iwata, much loved, Sorely missed.


8:09 PM on 06.09.2015

Saletoid - a heads up on some decent deals

Nomorerack or rather choxie was recommended to me by a friend and they are currently having a sale. I know I made another announcement post prior for the contest but I felt the deals in here were good enough to post for any interested parties. anyway enjoy the rest of your day everyone. most of these deals end in about 20 hours or Tommorow evening if you will. I have included some picks of my own that I felt were pretty good below. - the main page for the sale

Some notable deals are

Hardware – consoles

Ps3 remote: $19


PS move with camera ps3: $35


Refurbished XB1 with kinect: $365


PS Vita Borderlands 2 bundle: $185



Monster Hunter 3 ultimate 3ds: $19


Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition For PS 4: $28



Remember me 360 version: $8


Destiny PS4: $29


Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS3: $8


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Standard Edition for PS4: $34


The Last of Us Remastered Digital Download Card for PS4: $14


Other: XBL 12 month card: $40






5:35 PM on 06.09.2015

Contestoid - Ending Soon

Just a reminder that the shelf of memories Contest is ending on the 12.

What’s up for grabs? A Charizard amiibo that I will ship to you (if your outside of the US send me a PM detailing where you are and we’ll work something out).

The objective is to write a c-blog titled Shelf of Memories: “your snazzy title here” and write about any awesome Pokémon related experience you’ve had. Could be an epic battle, your first Pokémon, or a fond memory you have regarding a Pokémon game.

As of writing there are 0 entries. I suppose that was somewhat expected as participants would have to provide me with an address to ship it too and some people would rather avoid that. Regardless of there being 0 entrants or 1 in the future it doesn’t matter, comes with the territory.

Anyway the contest ends June 12 at 11:00 pm. If you make a submission before then and you’re the only one congratulations you’ve won.

Take care everyone and I’ll see you around dtoid.


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