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11:52 PM on 07.12.2015

goodbye Iwata

When I post it’s usually by a great level of motivation as  my job leaves me very drained. In light of recent events though it's one of those moments. 

Firstly: My condolences to his family. Death is hard to deal with, you want to put your best face forward but it’s never easy. This is coming off a double death for my close friend and co-worker’s aunt and mother. His Aunt died of natural causes; they had to pull the plug on his mother earlier today. The look on his face was a terrible one, one I'm fairly familiar with undfortunatly. What can you do? There really isn't anything you can say to comfor the heart. Words alone wont take the sting away. The only thing I could do was to be there for him. Sometimes it helps to talk a bit. This week (as I measure it Monday to Monday) has ended for me on quite a sour note, but I won’t let it stay at that alone.


I cried when I saw the news, and to some that may seem strange. Why shed a tear for a man who you never knew personally? I don’t think you need to know someone on a personal level to be saddened by their departure. I grew up on Sega genesis and Nintendo (though we know how that ended), and I have lots of fond memories even in my later years. From waking up on a Saturday morning to play Mario, enjoying Pokémon stadium with my brother, or playing Donkey Kong country with my cousin, those are moments I still remember. Of all the things I’ve forgotten over the years I still hold those close to my heart. This also inspired me to get into programming where I then enrolled at NJIT. I would move over 13 times in my life and while people and places faded away I still had my family, and I still had Nintendo to brighten up my day. 

very true for a lot of us here. I have many people at nintendo to thank for that, but one of them has passed.

 It’s clear that Iwata had some major influences on many games and the company as a whole. From Pokémon stadium to smash and even Metroid his drive to challenge people to make fun, exciting, and fresh experiences has created the Nintendo we know and love to this day, even if they mess up sometimes. He was also the only President I’ve ever known to have cut his salary in half just to help people keep their jobs. If that isn’t love and compassion I don’t think I know what is. He was our Defender from the crap that pervades the industry, and a true lover of his work. He was a great man, and he will be sorely missed, but I won’t dwell on this.

Instead I’ll spend the time remembering all the joy I’ve been brought through the years thanks to his effort, and the effort of those who worked with him. It was due to his attitude about work and his love for his career that made his games great and I both respect and admire his work.  Rest in peace Iwata, much loved, Sorely missed.


8:09 PM on 06.09.2015

Saletoid - a heads up on some decent deals

Nomorerack or rather choxie was recommended to me by a friend and they are currently having a sale. I know I made another announcement post prior for the contest but I felt the deals in here were good enough to post for any interested parties. anyway enjoy the rest of your day everyone. most of these deals end in about 20 hours or Tommorow evening if you will. I have included some picks of my own that I felt were pretty good below. - the main page for the sale

Some notable deals are

Hardware – consoles

Ps3 remote: $19


PS move with camera ps3: $35


Refurbished XB1 with kinect: $365


PS Vita Borderlands 2 bundle: $185



Monster Hunter 3 ultimate 3ds: $19


Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition For PS 4: $28



Remember me 360 version: $8


Destiny PS4: $29


Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS3: $8


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Standard Edition for PS4: $34


The Last of Us Remastered Digital Download Card for PS4: $14


Other: XBL 12 month card: $40






5:35 PM on 06.09.2015

Contestoid - Ending Soon

Just a reminder that the shelf of memories Contest is ending on the 12.

What’s up for grabs? A Charizard amiibo that I will ship to you (if your outside of the US send me a PM detailing where you are and we’ll work something out).

The objective is to write a c-blog titled Shelf of Memories: “your snazzy title here” and write about any awesome Pokémon related experience you’ve had. Could be an epic battle, your first Pokémon, or a fond memory you have regarding a Pokémon game.

As of writing there are 0 entries. I suppose that was somewhat expected as participants would have to provide me with an address to ship it too and some people would rather avoid that. Regardless of there being 0 entrants or 1 in the future it doesn’t matter, comes with the territory.

Anyway the contest ends June 12 at 11:00 pm. If you make a submission before then and you’re the only one congratulations you’ve won.

Take care everyone and I’ll see you around dtoid.


12:10 PM on 05.20.2015

bummed out about P.T.: have a video

Cruising along the interwebs I found a new mega64 video that was rather amusing. 

P.T. was a damn fine demo to what could have been an awesome game. Konami's decision to can it is a damn shame and many of us are still bummed with the whole kerfuffle though not surprised. given how petty they can be I can't help but feel like they did it on purpose. I honestly hope Konami goes belly up. 

Anyway I just thought I would share the video. While I am not a fan of all their work mega64 can surprise me from time to time. This happens to be one of those times as we are treated to a spoof P.T. that mirrors some of Konami’s recent choices. 


12:39 PM on 05.15.2015

Filling the Void

Filling the void


As companies continue to Chase people that will never be a part of their audience, or perhaps may be until the tide turns and the fickle mobile crowd moves onward to better things. As much as I would like to talk about that I’ll leave it for a different blog as this one will focus on something else. As the topic suggests this blog will be about filling the void in gaming with the growing trend of spiritual successors.

With the advent of Kickstarter and indigogo we’ve seen many games come to fruition that would have otherwise never been. We’ve seen fantastic games like Shovel Knight, Don’t Starve, FTL, and the Banner Saga as well as Broken Age. Granted there are plenty of ventures that fail but again, another topic for another blog.

That being said as time has passed some of the companies we’ve held near and dear to our hearts for ages have effectively said, fuck you we don’t want your business anymore. I understand that companies got to make money but in truth they could have been making tons of money if they didn’t fuck about so much. Companies like EA, Ubisoft, Konami, and more are trying to chase an audience that isn’t theirs. As a result of this we’ve had games bastardized and shitified.


Note that each of these games tried to implement some sort of BS scheme and they didn’t do very well which is a shame.

We have also had IP’s slowly killed off or locked away. The companies would rather sit on them than actually do anything with them. Capcom is a great example. Said mega man was dead and that nobody wanted to play it anymore. The truth is that every game gets some asinine bullshit attached to it and so it’s performance is much lower than what it could have been. Pay for a mega man legends 3 demo? Who the hell pays for a demo? Want a new Darkstalkers? Better pony up for the umpteenth remake and if it doesn’t do well then we won’t make a new one because “interest isn’t there”.


I pray nintnedo learns well to avoid this. 

In the wake of all this “experimentation” much of the heart of what made all our childhood favorites great left those big name companies. Since then quite a few of them have gone on to bigger and better things. These creators are now coming in to fill the void that big name publishers have left. Here is a current breakdown of what I’ve found.

Capcom says nobody is interested in mega man, series creator Inafune and team effectively make mega man as not mega man. The KS closes at $3,845,170. After additional funding was collected through other sources like PayPal they reached over 4million in funding.


Microsoft makes Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts, decent but not a real banjo game. I feel that on a second play through today the game would not hold up nearly as well. They never bothered with another banjo game after that. Now has the KS for a game called Yooka-Laylee, the not Banjo game that’s more Banjo than Banjo these days. The KS is currently at $2,463,402. That’s no small chunk of change and they still have about 32 days to go.


More recently we have Blood Stained Ritual currently sitting at $2,013,515 with 28 days to go. Konami doesn’t give a rats ass apparently, but then again they’re not too bright now are they


There are a few more like dungeons 2, war for the over world, Axiom verge, and freedom planet but you guys already get the idea. Developers are filling in the gaps left behind by the AAA industry and the mentioned projects are not only proof that in the grand scale of things these games are rather cheap but also profitable. It shows that people will pay for something they want (go figure). They aren’t CoD levels of money but still profitable none the less. With each successful spiritual successor (try saying that 5 times fast) the company holding the original IP loses out on potential profits. That money could have been theirs for the taking if they just took the time to listen to their customers and make a game that was not laden with shit. Instead it’s going to another team and most (barring MS to a minimal extent) will not see a single penny of profit.


I wonder. If this trend continues what will we see further down the line. Perhaps a “new” Streets of Rage or Conker. Timesplitters anyone? A “new” earthbound or crash bandicoot. Maybe even Spyro. I also wonder if there will come a time when there is a generation that grows up playing mighty number nine like we did with mega man. Where they won’t know about things like Banjo Kazooie but instead have Yooka-Laylee. Where a new generation might regard a new Castlevania as a knock off to blood stained ritual (or a shitty mobile knock off with the way konami is going). Would it be for the better if some of the older IP’s just died off? I don’t know. As much as I love mega man I don’t know if I would buy another game from Capcom besides SF. This doesn’t mean I don’t like mega man, but I just don’t really feel like supporting Capcom after the way they’ve treated some of their IP’s. at this point if they never made another mega man ever again I might be ok with that on the grounds that not mega man fills the void just fine.


Anyway, what do you guys think? Is there a game you would like to see spiritually succeeded? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and have a good day.




2:38 PM on 04.30.2015

When the dust settles and the rain stops

You know every time these things happen it breaks my heart a bit. It feels like the community I’ve loved for over 7 years is being cut to pieces. Just about 3 departures in one fell swoop, it’s like taking a bullet.

Whoever’s doing recaps, I feel for you.

What can I say? You don’t simply forgotten and move on. Over the years I’ve seen the site change plenty, old voices have grown silent, new people have joined, and some of the old guard yet remains. Others have departed for better or worse. It’s always sad to say goodbye, and even if they are still reachable, you can’t always stop by and visit. Not like you used to anyway.

As far as the events that have transpired today I will say right now that they were avoidable. I don’t know all the information at hand but it looks like nobody bothered to communicate anything at all. That works on the PSN but not in a business or team if the word brings you more comfort rather than responsibility. That has been the trend for a long time now:

I haven’t seen much of an improvement to be honest. Our Shark has gone for different waters and our Corgi has done the same. Others have left without much notice and so suddenly as well. The front page does seem to lack interesting content, or perhaps it’s the homogenization of it all.

 I may sound like an old fart but I remember when this was dtoid:

I was laughing so hard I thought I might suffocate if I didn’t stop. Where did it all go? The whimsy of the site seems to be relegated to the cblogs with a more sterile front page. I drop by the front page every now and again for news, but I find that I gloss over it more than I actually click, or even comment. This isn’t to say that the staff isn’t doing their job, I think they’re trying for the most part, but I’d be lying if I didn’t feel that we’ve been in a slump and it’s only continued.

I used to visit more so for the writers on the site. The content provided I felt was on par if not better than most sites. Maybe we didn’t have death battle or things like the nerd, but we had our moments and most of all a loving community. I found a home, a place where I could sit down and chill with reasonable people (most of you). As the years have gone by I’ve found myself sticking to the cblogs more and more. I’ve even started blogging more recently. I held a contest, did a short series for October and posted a few opinions and deals going on in the markets. If this community didn’t rock so much I wouldn’t have bothered trying at all. I may not be the best, far from it in fact, but I’ll always do what I can. I’ve also changed quite a bit since I’ve been here. I have been more open minded to other opinions and a bit more considerate. It’s a….

From my earlier days on this site.

Anyway, I’m getting a bit off track, but seriously I love you guys.

And it is because of that love that I’ve stayed on for so long and will continue to do so, until either the heart of the community leaves, or dtoid betrays everything it’s ever stood for. Shit happens and things change. This isn’t to excuse what I feel to be a very poor handling of things in general for the past few years.

To the Destructoid Staff:


Communication is key.  Let your staff and the people who frequent know when shit goes down. You don’t need to be deep but posting a goodbye should be the norm. We shouldn’t have to dig into the forums or find that a person has left on such poor terms with the site.

Content also seems to be an issue. I signed up for huge day one but in truth I didn’t find any real value in it. Clearly it didn’t work and it needs to be thought over, or a switch to patreon. As far as content, it seems like people are craving the more unique end of things. The memory cards and off brand articles. These types of editorials made the site more unique. I couldn’t find this stuff anywhere else. Without it the site is just news, and maybe a few opinions here and there, for that alone someone can pick up a newspaper or visit any number of sites.

The change from “for gamers by gamers” to “video game news and community” sure says a lot to me. I felt like a good amount of heart was lost, as if it split into what it is now, news, and a community. Not a whole unit if you will. Some of you may not like the term gamer, and to that I say oh well, your loss. Being a gamer simply meant loving games and being invested on a level that isn’t just surface level interactions. It didn’t matter if you were a boy or a girl, good or bad, gay or straight. We were here to have fun and if you wanted in we were more than happy to oblige. We talked about games like some people discussed football or other things and nobody would bat an eye. a place where you could be accepted when others turned you away. I still believe that


Anyway thanks for reading. Not the best but I felt the need to post something. As always lots of love to you all and keep your heads up. Like all storms this too will pass, and though we may remember the damage it left behind, we can always rebuild for a better tomorrow. As for future plans, would you like to win a charizard amiibo? Well you might just have that chance later this week or the next. Take care and see you around dtoid.


11:09 AM on 04.14.2015

Contestoid - The results are in

Hello all, The contest is over and it is now time to announce the winners. A few friends and I went over each entry and rated each post based on quality, effort, and build.

First place goes to: Terry 309 You can read about his Warcraft 3 post here:

Second place goes to: Maggit with his Post on Saints Row 4:

This was actually rather tuff, but the plumber takes it by an incredibly small margin.  

Third place goes to: Titannel for his post on Super Mario RPG:


The Raffle automatically goes to Cosmonstropolis for his Gears 2 easter egg. I too like them crispy on the outside:

You guys made the decision process rather hard on us. Even though there were enough spaces for every participant to win something it took us 3 hours of going back and forth to decide the final placements of each c-blogger. You guys were awesome and I hope to do this again sometime

As for prizes I had outlined that they would be gifted through STEAM and that you had to friend me to get them. you can unfriend me right after if you so choose. 

My steam Id is Agent 9 and my avatar is a picture of Gendo Ikaruga


I’m steam level 41. I should be within the first few results. Please be aware that I leave my PC on most of the time but I’m not always there. I will attempt to fulfill rewards as they come in and hope to be done by Friday.

Terry you have a choice between hotline Miami 2 or another game thats 14.99 or less, let me know via pm here on dtoid or through steam

The Raffle prize is a secret, but it is not shit like bad rats or anything so don't worry. 

Everyone else gets the items as listed, thanks again for participating :)


7:26 AM on 04.11.2015

Contestoid - Ending Soon

Hello everyone this is just a quick reminder that the egg for an egg contest is ending soon. You have until 1 AM Monday US Eastern Time to submit an entry and by all means give it a shot. 

So Far we have:

Maggit – Saints Row


terry 309: - WarCraft3 RoC


Titanel: Super Mario RPG


Up for Grabs:

1st – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number or equivalent game of $14.99 or less

2nd – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

3rd: Castle in the Darkness

Raffle - ??? – automatically entered upon posting.

For Information on the rules and restrictions please see my original blog here:

happy hunting everyone


11:00 AM on 04.06.2015

Contestoid – an egg for an egg

Edit: I've made a few changes to clarify regarding exactly what should be done as far as entry and objectives. I'm also adding one more prize tier, a ??? prize tier. it can be any type of game and it is awworded to any one of the non winning recipiants, a rafle if you will. 


I wanted to do this but with Easter, work, and school it became a rather busy hectic week for me. However that isn’t to say that it’s too late. Regardless it would be a shame not to host this.

Now, I do hope all of you had a wonderful time this past Sunday. It was a busy day and to be frank work was probably the worst thing to happen that day. Nothing in particular went bad but I’m growing tired of the rampant ignorance, laziness, and all around stupidity. If my county was vaporized in my absence I would probably dance in the ashes /rant/.



it seems that I have more eggs than I know what to do with, doesn’t mean that I don’t want them but a trade would be nice,  in fact that’s what we’ll do.

Digital goods for Digital eggs- video game Easter eggs to be more specific. I will gift through STEAM one of the following digital games listed below to 3 lucky dtoiders. The catch is that you need to write a blog about one or more of your favorite Easter eggs in video games. You could pick a specific one, a set of Easter eggs you enjoy, or even examine a game/series and discus the Easter eggs hidden in the game/series of your choosing. I will post another blog later that week with the winners.

How to enter & Grading:

Simply title you blog Egg for an Egg: “insert witty title here” and bam, you’re ready to roll. When you post though please be sure to talk about the egg or even your experience finding it. you don't need screen shots or videos but they do help by adding some meat to your blog which provides dtoiders with some fun content to go through.  

I will choose the winners based on the quality of the writing, not necessarily the quantity. In short I would rather have a nice steak rather than 10 big macs (super long) or 3 sliders(super short). Faps will also play a small role in this contest, but they will not be the deciding factor.



-Video's are fun to watch, but not everyone likes to watch videos. Make sure that if you use a video you have some explanations and text to go with it.

-If you use pictures than please write about the caption or use the picture to emphasize points or ideas in your blog.

 -if you don't use pictures or videos it would be better if your blog had a couple paragraphs discussing the egg. 

-share your experiences, I love a good story and so do many other dtoiders here.

-explain a bit about the egg. What game is it from? How do you unlock it? These things are questions people (myself included) would like to know.

-post anyway. I've been in competitions where nobody won because nobody actually entered so it doesn't hurt to post even if you feel like it isn't your best work. I see effort and believe me I do take that into consideration when I make choices.


Note: This will go on for 1 week, ends Monday the 13th at 1am US Eastern Time



  • Please Title your blog Egg for an Egg, if you don’t I may not see your entry as I don’t have time to sift through every blog looking for entries.
  • I live in the US so there may be some regional restrictions. I won’t claim to know all rules and regulations of every country but if a game is unavailable in your neck of the woods then obviously I can’t gift it to you. The most I can do is give you a digital pat on the back so please take this into consideration.
  • One entry per person, post as many times as you want but only 1 will be counted.
  • The entry requires Easter eggs not cheats, so turning Spyro red or using debug mode in sonic 1 is out of the question. Crash Bandicoots file name wombat however does count as it is a joke referring to crash bandicoots in development name.
  • Have fun
  • You will need to friend me on steam so that I can gift the game; you can unfriend me afterwards if you like.
  • This ends Monday the 13th at 1am US eastern time

With that out of the way here are the potential prizes for those who choose to participate are


1st place: Hotline Miami 2 wrong number or equivalent prize of $14.99 or less

2nd place:  Hotline Miami 2 wrong number

3rd place: Castle in the Dark

 Rafle - entry is counted upon posting: ???

Well that about wraps it up, have fun everyone and enjoy the rest of your day.


11:09 AM on 04.03.2015

Amiiboid – content to resign: a ticket to IDGAF island


Ever since this started with Marth, villager, and Wii fit trainer finding amiibo beyond some of the more common ones have been a huge pain in the ass. So far you can find readily available sonic, mega man, sheik, Samus, Kirby, Donkey Kong, toon link, link, Zelda, bowser, and of course the one I honestly dislike the most – Mario. Everyone else is real high up in the air as to availability.


Yesterday I managed to order the entire bundle at gamestop netting in 6 amiibo, 4 of which were on my list. It took me a grand total of 3 hours – 2 waiting and 1 hour trying to buy something. Thankfully the people in my store are actually really nice, and thanks to their collective efforts I got out with that bundle, and a few other people did too.


That being said this really speaks volumes of Nintendo’s failure to produce these things. It isn’t exactly a shortage I’ll say that much, but many of the more rare sets of amiibo are indeed out of print after a very small run while also being exclusive to certain retailers. What irony that a former toy company can’t meet demand for their own product, or perhaps this is all willful.


When amiibo was first announced nobody gave 2 shits about it. Once we heard there were “rare” amiibos and such many of us started to buy them because frankly you didn’t know if the one you wanted was going to be available for you to pick up without having to take a trip to ebay. On the other end some were enticed by the prospect of owning something hard to find. Truthfully I was a bit of both, but over time that has gradually changed for a few reasons.  

What bothers me the most is that these items aren’t limited editions or anything; they’re supposed to be a regular product like toothpaste and light bulbs. For the majoras mask bundles I could understand as they were sold as limited editions, but why make such a limited quantity of amiibos if they aren’t supposed to be limited at all. A healthy amount of stock would around the inventory levels of characters like Luigi and sonic, the unhealthy amount of inventory would be Mario, and on the flip side of Mario you have just about every exclusive amiibo out there and a few more. Compound this by the rampant scalping going on and you have the current state of affairs


-produce the damn cards already Nintendo I’m fucking sick of it all.

I’m tired of having to run to places to get something I want, I’m tired of paying more than what I should have to by importing or otherwise, and I’m very damn tired of this whole song and dance.

Where’s the customer service?

Firstly – To the retail end of it, most places just fucking suck ass. Target is full of idiots, Toys R Us is incapable of learning, Walmart doesn’t do shit, and bestbuy is rather meh.


Only Gamestop has really made some progress in their ordering methods by having a limit one per customer rule and the move to take it in store while terrible in some aspects prevents most scalpers from wearing down their f5 key any further.  For some of you who can’t come in store it sucks and I feel for you, though out of all the previously attempted methods this one was the only one that granted me any measure of success. It also prevents those 10 second sales on sites like target and toys r us.

Secondly – Nintendo… you done fucked it up real good. You can’t make enough inventory to sell for the “rare” units and then stop printing them all together. Is this a ploy of sorts, artificially limiting stock to generate more demand as people scramble to pick these things up at a 10th of the cost they go for on ebay guaranteeing a clean sweep? I sent an email to Nintendo customer service with regards to all the BS going on with stock selling out before anyone even gets a shot at buying these things. I was effectively told sorry, we don’t give a shit. I know they don’t have control of this on the retail level but come on, it isn’t my fault that I can’t order more amiibo to my store when every attempt comes back as unfulfillable. Mind you I work retail and deal with this headache at least once a day. Customers want stuff that I just can’t supply them and since Nintendo isn’t around to get the flack for it I’m the one that gets the lambasting. To that end I do blame Nintendo and at this point I’m all out of steam.


I give up… no rather I don’t give a shit or a fuck.




At this point I hope the amiibo thing falls real hard on Ninty and I’m not really sorry at all. As much as I love Nintendo the whole chore this has become to get these small figures is simply not worth it. The last amiibo I truly want is Ganondorf; then I give up on this attempted collection. If I find one cheap well then that’s good but I won’t sweat it anymore. I refuse to support scalpers, as a matter of fact I hope they lose money. Re-sellers and scalpers are two different BTW. Scalpers don’t even want the shit half the time and they take advantage of events like this to make a quick buck. Re-sellers can be scalpers, but more often than not they simple sell things they get for cheap or don’t need/want anymore.

The amiiboid title should say it all really. This doesn’t mean I won’t post about them or give my opinions on them, or write another c-blog about them, but rather that I’m pretty much done with all the running around whilst trying to collect them all and honestly everyone should do the same. Once demand is gone those prices will plummet to the ground.

Anyway have a great day everyone and I’ll see you around.


10:26 PM on 03.20.2015

Amiiboid – PSA Mega Man is in

while perusing through my email today I saw that the Mega Man amiibo was back in stock apparently. Most of the times I look and check I just can’t find them but as of typing he’s there for the picking. For those of you dtoiders who just wanted a Mega Man amiibo but not at the mega price tag I suggest you jump on the chance to nab one. I already have one but I know a lot of my friends who never really got the chance to get one. Anyway here is the link:

Happy hunting everyone.


5:56 PM on 03.02.2015

Majora march: Rediscovering  Termina – Just as good as before

I was one of the people who liked the original majoras mask. I didn’t buy into the BS about the game not being like OoT and there for being inferior. For a game with only 4 dungeons it is actually a rather large game with many events of the game connecting together to advance progression that doesn’t feel as tired as OoT, even if they do share similar elements.

What can I say to express my love for this game? To me it’s the best thing invented since air conditioning on a hot summer day. It’s a game that’s satisfying to play as a kid. As an adult it’s even deeper since I can understand and appreciate much more of the games story. I mean hot damn some of that shit is really deep. So deep in fact that I can’t get through it all, but I’ll list some of my favorite moments. They’re just as good if not better than they were before.

Some videos will be used, but I couldn’t find just the cut scenes for the 3d version. Everything is either a let’s play or a full compilation of all scenes.  same goes for images as much of the stuff I'm finding is the old stuff. 




You were warned


Darmani – This one gets me every time. A proud warrior who only wishes to save his people meets an unfortunate end on the way to snow head temple. He cannot rest though. He begs you to bring him back to life, or that you at least ease his suffering. You play the song of healing, a beautiful song if I might add, and you’re treated to this scene


Fucking beautiful. When you take the whole thing in he is surrounded by family and friends cheering on their champion. All the love his people hold for him is reflected in the various interactions and conversations you have around the Goron village. There is no better send off for a proud warrior than one like this.


Pamela and her Father.

Ikana is a scary place, even more so since the dead are roaming the land. Passing the Octoroks at the start of the level by either ice arrow or bomb jumping with the Zora mask you can hook shot your way to the top. You can bomb jump by placing a bomb behind you as link and then looking out your camera in the direction you wish to go. It must be done at a ledge. The Zora’s mask is needed for the extra height it gives you. I performed the bomb jump simply because I wanted the mask from the area first, along with mirror shield since it can all be done in a day or so.

Anyway this segement takes you to the cursed land of Ikana where you have to go to the springs to cleanse sharp of his curse with the song of storms allowing the water to once again flow through Ikana. This allows the music box house to play the tune farewell to Gibdos send them back to where they came. All is not well however. Entering the little girls house (Pamela is her name) you discover that her dad was cursed with the Gibdos mask making him a Gibdo. Playing the song of healing removes his curse and returns a loving father to his concerned daughter. They embrace and you get a mask. it’s short but it’s really sweet.



The ranch has a few quests to do throughout the game which involves everything from raiders to aliens, and yes I know they say ghosts but they’re cow abducting aliens. The Part that I want to talk about however is in the final day. Should you save the ranch and speak with Romani she will say that she gets to have some chatue Romani (an alcoholic beverage) and that she’ll be an adult. The truth of the matter is that her sister knows the moon will fall and decides to ease her sisters suffering by getting her drunk on the final night. She won’t feel a thing as the moon falls and obliterates them all while they lie in bed together. Can you imagine holding your brother or sister knowing that both of you are going to die and all you can do is take the suffering away, but not the ultimate end. I have a younger sister I love dearly, and this tears me to pieces when I really think about it.

Soldiers at the gates

The soldiers believe the moon will fall, but they’ve sworn to protect all who live in the city and they’ll do it no matter what. On the final day they’ll let you flee, and one particular enhancement or change in their speech on that day makes it even more powerful than before. “it pains me to see the children playing in the streets, not knowing what’s to come”. That was something I never thought of before and yet Majoras Mask 3d took the time to point this out. Now I could be wrong, but I never remembered seeing that line in the original. Anyway, despite the danger they remain ever vigil to the end.

Anju and Kafei

Probably one of the best love stories ever told in a video game, Anju and Kafei quest is my favorite moment in majoras mask to date and the enhanced visuals make it a really enjoyable experience. It’s a long quest that takes the 3 days you have to perform. A story about a guy who gets cursed, loses his wedding mask, and has to get it back before the moon falls. Throughout all the doubt and worry Anju remains faithful to Kafei and likewise Kafei to Anju. At the end with only an hour left they marry/become a couple and give you the mask as a sign of their union. They end by saying “we will greet the morning together”. You know there won’t be a morning unless you stop that moon, and you do in fact know that if you don’t they’ll die in each other’s arms. It baffles me sometimes that a game like this still holds so much meaning and love putting to shame big budget AAA games and their “cinematic experiences”. Just goes to show that good writing can trump sacks of cash any day of the week.

skip to 18:25 if you want to see the scene in question.


Story spoilers end here ===============================================================


The game is visually improved and much the same as I remember it with a few changes such as the location of the stone mask and a few item differences like stray fairies and extra bottles. The boss battle also have an extra step of sorts added to them which makes it a bit more fun and exciting for fans new and old.

best boss fight in the game. I said fuck it and went full on Zora battle in the water.


Personally I like the new system a bit more that the old. I love the new saving mechanic as I don’t have to reset time upon saving like the original. The only thing I don’t like is swimming in Zora form. I can’t swift swim and rotate the camera with the c-stick. It makes the beaver race even more frustrating than it was before which I thought to be impossible.


In the end Majoras mask 3d brings a lot of my favorite elements of the original game to a portable console with beautifully enhanced graphics that are not a mere upscale like most HD collections. It’s the same game I feel in love with all those years back, with improvements that make it even better.




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