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10 hours ago - 10:45 PM on 10.12.2015

31 Days - Brouhaha

Welcome ladies and gents to another installment of 31 Days, I tell you sometimes I wonder if it’s better to break my legs and call out rather than stopping by when they call me in on my day off. It’s always more trouble than it is worth. I should be promoted to manager of my department at this rate. Anyway today we have another piece from DK64 because I found my old cart and I remember how awesome it was.

DK64 – Haunted ballroom brouhaha

It’s a light and somewhat cheery song for Halloween. The cheesy laughs and “haunting” music are all very light and fun, more “spooky” than terrifying. For whatever reason I am reminded of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” when I listen to this song and you know what? I think that’s what would normally come to mind when you think Nintendo, something fun and light hearted but no, more often than not it’s something like lavender town. I mean I could probably fill all 31 Days with Nintendo songs, perhaps an idea for next year.

In other news I’ve been green lit to play this at a reasonable value in my department of Halloween, which means I will be blasting it and having as good a time as I can. I think I deserve that much considering all the shit I’ve been doing these past few weeks.


19 hours ago - 1:51 PM on 10.12.2015

tired but I gotta work. Would rather play more MGS5.


10:51 PM on 10.11.2015

31 Days - Richard

Hot Damn Day 11 and I super late because of work. I was dealing with a drunk guy that came not once, not twice, but 4 times and attempted to steal shit. Worth the laugh though as he said the craziest things. He wanted to buy a sound bar and insisted it was a tv. I could imagine him taking it home in his drunk stupor setting it up and then waking the next day asking himself what he fucking did last night.

Well time to get back on track, it is day 11 of 31 Days and todays track comes from a game released this year:

Hotline Miami 2: Richard – Life Companions

The title itself is rather telling. In this game the only persona to show itself is Richard and he acts more as the harbinger of destruction for all parties involved, trying to talk each of them out of their destructive behavior, confronting them about their actions, or foreshadowing events to come. The music is honestly beyond my capacity to describe, but it’s far more imposing that Silver Lights which is the original theme of the 3 personas. Something about not having the other 2 just makes Richard all the more imposing as an entity.


11:10 AM on 10.10.2015

31 Days - Blood Starved

Welcome to Day 10 of 31 Days. Today’s Song is from a more recent title and it’s going to be fairly quick.

Bloodborne – Blood Starved Beast

I Beat this guy on my 3rd try, wasn’t too hard and I didn’t call for Alfred. This song though was intense and I could feel my heart racing for the whole fight. The violins do a great job of giving the fight a sense of dread and urgency. It also works well with BSBs somewhat chaotic move-set, as if he flows with the music. Lunges for the shorter violin section, and powerful slashes when the music ups its tempo. It’s not often that a boss fight feels so fluid along with its music.

I really enjoyed the game and I am excited for the expansion set for November. I have various pieces of the soundtrack saved in my playlist because they’re so good (this one included) and they really make the game all the more immersive and fun. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the game half as much as I did if the soundtrack wasn’t so fantastic. I wonder if any new music will be added for the expansion?


9:39 AM on 10.09.2015

31 Days - Strains*

this may seem rather close together but one was late in the day yesterday and this one is happening now because I won't have much time due to work obligations tonight

Welcome to a Day 9 of 31 days. 9 Horror movies in and I’m doing fine. This will also be 9 songs today and numerous stories from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. I wonder How much horror one person can take, oh well I’ve already decided that I’ve gone mad ages ago. That being said todays song is:

Chrono Trigger - Strains of insanity

Where do you start? I would liken the tune unto a piece you would here in a final segment of a horror movie, except it kind of hangs there. The distressed laughing in the background, the unwavering high notes, and the in and out fading of the lower ones. Strains of insanity does a great job of building atmosphere in the game and strangely enough it’s one of my favorite tracks in the game. The level as well was rather creepy as the people aren’t really people but monsters and this song is all that plays, even in the battles. Even the enemies ask you to release them from their misery, what poor souls.

Something about this too, can’t put my finger on it but this photo…KLWYSFGYJSHZQ


9:49 PM on 10.08.2015

31 Days - Strange Passage

Hello everyone, this is day 8 of 31 Days if you’ve stuck with me so far then you have my thanks. I like to think that someone out there gets at least some moderate enjoyment from my series and that overall everyone has a great time. This one’s a little late in the day but I’ve got something nice for tomorrow so stay tuned. Today’s Song is:

Corpse Party: Strange passage

I like the game but I also find it sad that I couldn’t save everyone. I always aim for the best ending possible and I had a blast while doing so. The story is well written and it toughs at your heartstrings from time to time. I haven’t been able to keep up with the series so I don’t know if there is a sequel but eventually I’ll get to it. This song in particular is one of my favorites. Creepy as fuck with those high notes and general tune. I don’t have much else to say, its eeriness is a bit beyond my ability to describe.

Corpse party while somewhat light on the “play” aspect is very atmospheric and a joy to play. If you don’t own that I highly recommend you buy it.


5:08 PM on 10.07.2015

31 Days - In more ways than one

Hello everybody and welcome to Day 7 of the 31 Days series. Today’s Song is scary on 2 levels.

Sonic 06: Mephiles Wispers

Ah yes the infamous sonic 06, so bad it’s scary in its own right. I liked some of the music from this game despite the gameplay being utter shit. I also thought the villain was interesting to a degree and could have been so much better had things changed direction a bit. I feel little to no pressure from Mephiles as a being and that’s a damn shame because his theme and this song in particular are rather nice. If you were walking somewhere at night, alone, and in the dark, this might just scare the shit out of you, especially if you round the corner and there is a sole individual sitting on the floor somewhere, or simply walking about in a creepy manner like so:

Really well done for a short film, better than some big budget movies I’ll tell you that much.

Anyway thanks for tuning in and until next time I bid you all a spooktacular day.


10:24 PM on 10.06.2015

31 Days - Setting the mood

Hello and welcome to another installment of 31 Days, I just watched a movie about a killer shopping cart, the fuck am I doing with my life, is what I would say but I’m just a sucker for B movies. Anyway today's Song is:

Banjo Kazooie: Mad Monster Mansion

This is another mood fitting song. If I could I would totally play this over the intercom at my job. Even after all these years it hasn’t gotten old. Banjo is a favorite of mine and I’m very glad that Yooka-Laylee is in development. I can only hope that the music and direction is just as good as it was when they made banjo. Speaking of the music it has a lot of the classic things you would expect such as ambient animal cries, wind, and an organ. It also has that ooooooooo-eeeeeeee-oooooooooo noise that some people associate with aliens. It’s very well composed and catchy even if a lot of the elements used in it are cliché. To that end I feel that it really speaks volumes with regards to how well it was made.


7:39 PM on 10.05.2015

31 Days - Lovely Paintings

Hello all and welcome to another installment of 31 days. I’m a big fan of art, and really enjoy viewing and making paintings. I just recently got a printed LoZ canvas from my latest Arcade Block which I’ll be doing an un-boxing blog sometime later this week. That being said However todays song is:

Kirby and the canvas curse: Drawcia’s world

Not my favorite Kirby game but this song was too good to pass up on. It is a simple tune and that is fine. This goes to show that at times (and as I said in my last blog) less can really be more. It’s the simplicity of the song, and the melancholic tone that just kind of catches you off guard. Kirby games are supposed to have bright and bubbly music, that is in part why it’s so jarring. It contrasts well with the game as a whole, and while I may not be a big fan of the game itself, fighting her soul at the end is also quite fitting.

I would like to point out that this isn’t the only time something like this happens, 02 is also speculated to be a dead enemy from prior Kirby games. Damn Nintendo, secretly scarring the shit out of kids since the 90’s


10:34 PM on 10.04.2015

31 Days - House Haunting

Welcome to a rather late edition of 31 Days, I’ve been out driving all day for work and I’ve just got home. Speaking of Homes I’ve come across quite a lovely mansion. That’s right, today's Song is:

Luigi's Mansion Music- Dark Hallways

I always liked the game, to me though the first has a bit more charm than Dark Moon. It took me a while to complete Dark Moon, not because it was particularly long but I found myself becoming tired of the game unfortunately. There are only so many times I can repeat what essentially is the same mission before I become tired of it. I liked the idea of having other mansions but I think the game might have suffered a bit for it. Sometimes less is simply more. I found DM to lack the kind of variety I love from games like this and that’s a shame.

That aside this music is rather fitting for the mood and good for any spooky occasion. It isn’t creepy but it certainly nails the mood while also being fun which is hard to do without sounding bad or cheesy.

So what do you guys think? Did you enjoy Dark Moon better than Mansion, vice versa, or did you like both equally, leave a comment and let me know.


12:57 PM on 10.03.2015

31 Days - Going Deeper

Hello again everyone, If your still here then that’s a good sign, you’ve made it past the mines but where are we now, it appears we have fallen down a hole, an underground cavern further below the mine shaft. Today’s Song is:

Submerged Castle – Pikmin 2

I don’t know what’s more unsettling, the Music, or the wraith that chaises you around should you mill about in a level too long. It’s unstoppable, you can’t kill it, and the only Pikmin you can have are water Pikmin. The music sounds like distorted children’s music with what I would describe as moaning in the background (not real moaning but instrumental). It sounds rather melancholic. This is again, not helped by the Humanoid wraith that can’t be stopped till the final sublevel. I feel however that something is off though. The wraith being human like, and the music almost makes me think it’s a child of some sort riding a bicycle. Take that for what it’s worth, could very well be the collective souls of a bunch of people wandering the depth of the submerged castle, kind of like corpse party.

So what do you guys think, any memories of this level? I one shot the level because I was still a bit unnerved by the atmosphere but now I kind of like it.


2:01 PM on 10.02.2015

31 Days - Oh look another Mine

Hello again folks and welcome to another installment of 31 Days, Today we are venturing outside of the save room and off into parts unknown. Today’s song is

Misty menace from DKC

Nothing like running into an eerie creepy as fuck Mine after having such a good time with the jamming soundtrack. The Zombie crocks are also a nice touch, invincible and ever moving as long as it’s green for go. I’ve always found it a bit strange that a place like this could exist. What happened here to these guys? Are they even a part of the Krool army or were they simply left in the cave, abandoned, following whatever force that drives them to move. They certainly aren’t like the rest of Krools army that much is for sure. The song itself, the distortion going on in the background, the sound of a clock or timer of some kind, even the lighter points where there seems like there is a bit of home (from what I assume is synth on a piano) It all lends itself to a sense of urgency that switches to a darker tone the further the song goes. It brings you up a bit before dropping you down like a sack of bricks.

I wonder where this will lead to; I guess we’ll see tomorrow, that is if all of you can make it out in once piece.

So what are your memories of this level, love it hate it, leave a comment and enjoy.


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