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Agent Venom avatar 10:34 AM on 10.23.2013  (server time)
SMITE: The Chinese Monkey King Returns!

Son Gok- I mean Sun Wukong has been added back into Smite!

Back in June he was "removed" from the game due to a mix-up of his lore with the Mayan Howler Monkey God, Hun-Batz, and by "removed" they mean they just completely changed his appearance and name to fit Hun. As of today, he returns, alongside a slew of changes to the game itself in a hefty 1GB update.

The reveal video shares some interesting lore with us all, followed by a rundown of his Passive and Active Abilities then some tips.

Having already played a few rounds as the guy, I can say he's pretty awesome.
I would actually recommend trying him with a slightly tank-like build to start with because that's what i'm used to playing, especially in Arena, though he is much better with a warrior build (but i'm not an amazing player, so a little defense helped me)

 My rotations with either build, generally follow this:

- Initiate using 72 Transformations' Ox Form/Cat Form 
- Basic attacks on tossed/stunned enemies to gather attention 
- Master's Will
- Line enemies up, use Cudgel
- Basic attacks again
- Retreat using 72T's Eagle Form if need be
- Repeat

When Somersault Cloud is ready, I would use it in between then basic attacks and Master's Will, or if I took too much damage too quickly I would pop it before anything else. It's also super helpful if your enemies get pulled by an Ares/Hades ultimate without using Beads or simply trying to catch near death enemies that are running. That last bit also goes for all three 72T forms as they all give you extra mobility. It's really satisfying to run down someone and stun them as the Cat Form.

So yeah, overall it's a pretty solid update. The changes to the Rank system were unexpected, but I can't complain because I went from having only 8 Gods Mastered to 15. I haven't really taken a look at the item changes since most of them are just new tiers being added to the item, so I can't pass judgement on them. Like I said, i'm not an amazing player, if anyone wants to share a build or exchange tips sound off in the comments!

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