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Agent Oli avatar 5:23 PM on 03.22.2010  (server time)
X48 microsoft gamecamp


Recently I took part in the Microsoft's X48 gamecamp

The idea of the competition is to get Indy developers and students in teams of four locked inside a university for 30 hours makeing games. wooooo

We where given a theme of 'giants' at the begging of the competition and an unlimited supply of pizza, coffee and energy drinks.

Me eating microsoft pizza nomnomnom

Doughnuts and milk where also on the menu for breakfast

Tasted like cheerios but way better!

Anyway the competition went well for the team and I, we walked away with the "most experimental game" award, although it sounds like we could have made anything weird and got some sleep for the same prize.


We all got our hands on the new XNA 4.0 for development with windows 7 mobile and oh lord is it a sweet ass platform to develop for. The Rockstar guys seem to REALLY be on board with it but would not confirm or deny anything (even after many beers) in regards to why they where touting it as the best thing since sliced bread. But I would say seeing Chinatown wars on windows 7 mobile on release day is a strong possibility.

Also learned read dead redemption spent $90,000 on getting the horse reins to look right. hhahaa

Oh yea the competition!

Here is a trailer for the game myself and the team made:

The game was about learning from others in order to expand your world.

Based off the quote used by Sir Isaac Newton "to stand on the shoulders of giants" - basically means that to further our knowledge we must place it on the top of pre existing knowledge, created by the great scholars and visionaries of the past.

I don't really consider this game experimental I was trying to play it safe! What do you guys think?

Ill put it up for download you you really want but you will need XNA 3.1 installed and a wired xbox game-pad to play it!

Soon I hope to show you the 'life game' I am working on in response to a certain presentation

This is oli your mad professor BWKAWWWK

Thanks for feeding me up for the week Microsoft!

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