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Agent Oli avatar 6:45 AM on 01.03.2010  (server time)
No one played my Indy game so I reviewed it myself

I have nothing against Xbox indie games, its great to have a community of people makeing games.

I'm well aware of the vat of foul decrement that plagues it. And good games do get recognised.

But after my game went on sale recently I have been getting AWFULLY TICKED OFF.

I'm going to be honest last time I checked my game had 2.5 out of 5 user rating witch is shockingly bad and I'm totally ashamed.

This is despite getting a few good mentions. It seems no one is interested, I would give it away for free if I could, I just want people to tell me that they think of my game.

Actually I'll call my bluff

Here take all the tokens you want...first come first serve









Oh yea my review.

First off this game was designed for both the iphone and Xbox. And is purely visual (has no text outside of high scores and title).

Perlmania is made by me and another guy, its a chill game, we made the music really mellow and relaxing. You can download the whole soundtrack on my website if you really like under water/elevator music. This is to make the puzzles less frustrating (and I made 50 puzzles they get a bit ridiculous).

The object of the game is to get your ball into the goal. you do this by exploding a bomb next to it to make it move. the ball or "perl" gets momentum depending on how close it was to the bomb blast. you have to get your perl into the exit in one hit, if you fail its no biggie you just re adjust and try again.

It gets tricky when I start throwing in lots of obstacles for you to navigate and colour coded perls and exits. I could compare the game to curling on crack in later stages.

I drew really cute faces on everything! it was around the time I broke up with my girlfriend and wanted to escape to a happy place. And in the credits I'm a giraffe.

Why has everyone walked right on by this little gem? Well I can think of a few reasons, The average Indy game player has every reason to be expecting a half assed attempt at a game when they download the trial. And my game requires a little perseverance to get to its real game.

Perlmania rewards you for making observations, I don't want to ruin the experience but an insider tip: The menus are also actually the tutorial, go figure.

All in all I would give my game a 3 out of 5, it has a lot going for it, its just let down by slow pacing and a confusing menu system. I'm rating it so low because I'm a father who beats his son.


Marketplace link

If you decide to play it by all means tell me what you think. Tell me why you think it sucks just TELL ME ANYTHING.

Oli your local nutjob poised a quick DEADLY strike stance

More thoughts next week.

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