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Agent Oli avatar 11:48 AM on 06.09.2010  (server time)
My life, the game

I have been working on graphic design work mostly to keep myself afloat over the last few weeks, while doing so I have been prototyping a game that plays through various points in my life up until graduation.

I think I have an interesting story to tell but hell if I'm going to write a book about it, a game would be way cooler.

This project may well be canned because I have realised, morally what it will take to finish the story.
I'm also worried if a player will feel at all attached to the story it if itís presented in this way.

This game is not in a playable state right now so Iím going to show you the rough work for the first chapter of the game, with is mostly a tutorial for the rest of the game.

Chapter one: birth

Yea I'm literally starting in the wonderful warm womb to really drive home the 'life story'. I feel this worked well in fallout in creating a connection to the protagonist. I would have a persistent text overlay that would tell a story throughout the body of the game, joining the scenes together.

Interactivity takes place in every scene with the joystick and the A button always having a function.

In this scene for example the joystick opens the eye. I imagine heavy rain style prompts would have to inform the player of the appropriate actions in each scene.

Btw: The art you see is place holder done by me while I find a decant artist ): I think the game would be nice in pixel art.

Ok so after ploughing out of the vag, you start growing up, as me, wondering around a room interacting with things from my memories while learning to walk. The narrative is written in the past tense and gradually builds up towards the stories climax (detailed in a bit)

Chapter one is the stage in my life where I dicked around as a kid with my bros making the tire forts and going into the local abandoned mineshaft. This presents possibilities for a combination of mini moral choices and Wario ware style rapid minigames.

Chapter 2 is where a personal challenge is presented. Amongst some fun events such as when I moved to Japan. Has scene that may well only ever remain on paper, which features a death of my younger brother. I feel it would be a dishonest to leave out such an important and dramatic event in my life. Much like I imagine an author would if leaving out crucial information in their biography.

On the other hand I think the emotional attachment is why I canít finish this project. I'm always looking for ways to advance our medium, this time I might have hit the limits of how far I'm willing to go. Or maybe I just have to sack up and take the jump.

Thanks for reading!

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