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Madden 2004 for Xbox
just kidding it is The Most Excellent Game Psychonauts

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Agent Raz
7:01 PM on 12.18.2008

Posting gaming setups seems to be the thing to do. Good a place as any to start blogging.

Looking around we've got the heat-generating behemoths over on the left, the svelte collection of Nintendo systems on the right, and various other entertaining boxes placed throughout. Overall it seems kind of sterile compared to other setups I've seen on Destructoid. If it weren't for the Domo-kuns and oddly incongruous Christmas cookie tin it would look like an Ikea store display. My previous setup wasn't much better, but it had three times the screens!

But that's gone now. Don't worry, the Dreamcast is safe. Let's look at some games and things!

That second one is kind of an older picture. I don't own the most or even the rarest game stuff, but I like to think I focus on quality over quantity (virtual boy lol). I also don't own many video game related things that aren't games or devices for playing them. I think I have a plush Harvest Moon cow somewhere? But I'll save that for another post!