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i like lamps and 5 amp currents
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Ever wonder why he gets all those tips in so damned fast? The secret to his success is well lubricated pants. You see, every time you go to change your pants (due to spillage of beverage, ripped pants syndrome [aka obesity], or massive fapping), it would take you 5-10 minutes to slap on a new pair.
Well not for Buck Fitches, since he gots them lubricated jeans, he can just hotswap em for a new pair in just under 3 seconds (ladies love that, btw). And in his spare time afterwards, he goes and tips off that Jim Sterling and gets all the glory.
So there you have it. I have nothing else to say.

Oh, and OMG WTF HAXXOR!!!!?!!1/ BUCK FiTCHES is actually an anagram for FUCK BITCHES! call the presseses!!

I've been playing GTA VCS on my PSP lately since my 360 went fucking fubar. (BTW, does anyone else have to wait 20+ minutes every single time to get in touch with MS support?? WTF!)
VCS is great in its own terms, but overall, the game was like a kick in the crotch. damn I can't wait for GTA IV. That's like getting kicked in the crotch with pixel shader 3.0 support.
Does anyone know anymore info about Xbox: falcon? I'm fed up with 3RLOD.