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My fellow D-Toiders, it is time that I've shared with you some super secret, exclusive insider info that I have received surrounding the PSN info leak. Long story short, it was Sony who screwed up so massively that they're writing it off as some outside intrusion!

Here's a reenactment that I have created, detailing this incident:

I have further been told that Sony plans on placing a cage around the button, in order to strengthen security.

You're very welcome, Destructoid.


Hello once again, D-Toiders!

I would just like to bring attention to the fact that even the most hardcore gamer will, at one point, own a sports game and be secretly addicted to it. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is not shameful to play those sports games! Here's an example of such secrecy:

Don't let this ruin your lives, people!

Hello, once again, D-Toiders!

I'm here to report to all of you that our team, over at, have discovered this brand new way to enhance your Flower playing experience!

Of course, we absolutely love the game Flower, but over time it has gotten a little stale.

Just follow those three simple steps to spice up your Flower gameplay!

You're welcome, Destructoid.

Hello again, my brethren!

We've all heard about those ridiculous health warnings issued by Nintendo concerning the 3DS, especially the one stating that someone should not play it for more than 30 minutes at a time. Well, my friends and I took it upon ourselves to offer those who do not wish to abide by this warnings a glimpse into the inevitable results of a dangerous gamble.

Consider yourself informed, Destructoid...

5:33 AM on 01.21.2011

Long time no see, my fellow D-Toiders!

My good friends over at The Busted Pixel just released a brand new video of theirs, and I happen to like it a lot! Crazy, I know! Well, what they did with this video was take a tough situation and apply Fallout's never ending time span when it comes to choosing options that are laid out clearly to you; I think it works pretty well.

Well, I hope you laughed, cried, an- wait, no I don't hope that you cried. Regardless, you should enjoy this great video.

Hello, D-Toiders! Looks like I'm back after a long period of nothingness. I can only ride on the success of my Chrono Trigger Battle Theme for so long, huh?

With this next video, I ask impossible questions. Questions such as: can gaming really be used as a tool to unify people of all different races and religious backgrounds? Or are we damned to an eternal purgatory of derogatory slurs and stereotypes? Woah, we're getting philosophical, here...

Anyway, I'd just like to apologize in advance for this video.

Please send all of your angry emails to