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I doubt anyone will read this, but whatever. I like video games. Except sports games. Favorite games? Probably Eye of Judgment, Civilization 4, Spore (which is obvious, as anyone who enjoys video games will list this once it comes out), Halo 3, Overlord, and there's probably other stuff I'll remember later. Why are you still reading this? Well, in order to thwart you, from here on I shall write NO MORE! HA! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT? Oh, crap, I guess I'm still typing/writing/whatever you want to call it.
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This particular game idea (which I am posting in order to get others' input before entering it into the Fake Game Friday competition) involves starting as one person who creates a cloning machine and slowly taking over the world. I thought of this right after I thought that the world had too many "save the world" type games. So in this game, you do the opposite... you endanger the world and play with the lives of the ignorant masses! And, of course, have as much fun as possible doing it.

You'd start the game by deciding the state the world is in. Do you want the world to be in a utopian state, where there are no wars or nuclear weapons? Do you want the world to be like it is now? Do you want it to be almost all controlled by China? It goes on and on. Then you'd decide the difficulty and if you start with a nation. If you start with a nation, you choose which one. The difficulty determines how much resistance you will encounter in your conquest and how hard keeping your nation going will be. After this, you design your character and anybody else you want. If you want a general AI who will handle some troops, you can design him. If you want a personal bodyguard to follow you around, you can design him (You can design them as either sex, but I just say him because whatevs). If you want a scientist, etc. etc.! Each class person you design will handle a specific function, like automating troop production (Your troops are clones, so your people won't be unhappy due to war and having to fight and die), or managing the populace.

You'll start, once you design your character, as a normal person. You'll get the swing of things in a tutorial, and then you can start spreading propaganda or writing stories on news sites or however you want to take over a country. There's always good ole military force, naturally. Then, once you've got control of your country, you can start politics and managing the people. You can start making laws, decide on a style of government...(You can be good or evil, but naturally, most of us will be evil. Anyone up for abusing the populace? Naturally, I won't be a democracy, but here's a fun Sam & Max quote! Also, bonus points for those who know which episode it's from: "Mr. President, you have impeachment hearings on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but the one on Wednesday has been postponed for your warcrimes trial.") All the while, you can have some clones manage these policies and such once you've told them what to do. Naturally, you can change their laws, but it's nice to be able to focus on leading a war while your "senators" do the politician job for you.

You can design your troops as you see fit. Do you want them to look like Nazis? Done. Want them to all look like Mr. Destructoid? Done! Want them all to look like Rosie O'Donnell(To make your enemies afraid, naturally! XD)?! DONE! (Sorry for that mental image of all those Rosies... *shudder*) Well, maybe not that. You'd design them with different armor and colors. I, myself, would give my guys pitch black TANK ARMOR. Then, when you get bored of designing them, release your new horrors into the world. Oh, and you can also design Monstrosities - think Spore creatures, but they're horrible things stitched together as a frankenstein monster army. Anyone up for some big green gelatinous blob things that consume all in their path?

Anyway, you get through the game, and you can play it a little like Overlord, but with more wars and policies. After you "Beat" the game once, you unlock more options. By beat, I mean conquer the world. Once you conquer the world... well, then aliens! Yay!

The options you would unlock might be global warming or something. Maybe natural disasters or meteor strikes. Stuff like that.

So, what do you think?

EDIT: The policies system would allow you to do anything : I. E. Wearing green is banned on Tuesdays due to terrorist attackers wearing green when they attack on Tuesdays.

NOTE: Tyrant, in its original sense, means someone who takes power illegally but still has the support of the people. It came to mean a leader who abuses his power. So... you choose which you use, heh.

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