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Aerox avatar 1:31 PM on 09.24.2008  (server time)
The Greatest News Story in the World (NVGR)

I'm not providing any commentary, aside from pointing out the terrible writing style (You don't need to say "The Baltimore Examiner reported" three times fuckers) because it speaks for itself. Enjoy.

Man Goes to Court After Butt Stapled Shut
Patient claims he couldn't defecate for 17 days

BALTIMORE - A West Virginia man is suing a Frederick County, Md., doctor for allegedly stapling his rectum shut during an operation, preventing the patient from defecating for 17 days, The Baltimore Examiner reported.

The mistake allegedly took place when Ronald Watkins, 64, had surgery for a rectal tumor, according to his lawsuit.

Dr. Manuel Casiano's lawyer said Watkins' bowels merely became "swollen shut," The Baltimore Examiner reported.

Since the surgery, Watkins experiences "rectal discharge" and must wipe 12 to 15 times a day, and he has had other procedures that otherwise would have been unnecessary, according to his attorneys.

The defense said Watkins' smoking two packs a day contributed to his bowel problems, The Baltimore Examiner reported.

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