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Aerox avatar 5:30 PM on 05.03.2008  (server time)
Epic NARP was epic (Pictures!)

Hi everybody!

As most of you know, Chad threw an EPIC party last night for Hamza and Polo Guy, who were down here in LA. Also in attendance were Dexter, Ark, Charlie, Naia, Zero Atma, Suff0Cat, Teknomcr and his friend Juan, Britini Martini, TRISTERO!, Mid3vol, Kyle Gamgee, Mamadonna, and some of Chad's non-Dtoid friends and neighbors. A few of you were lucky enough to see some of the shenanigans on Stickam, but for those that weren't, here are some of the highlights.

Chad is really happy even though I just destroyed him at Smash Brothers again.

Hamza, Polo Guy, and Suff0cat hang out with the Stickam people.

I am making a really douchey hand sign after Dexter and I finished one of our amazing Rock Band duets.

Everyone who's not playing video games is drinking.

Chad's lovely neighbors!

Hamza and Polo Guy!

Nice Hamza.


A group shot without me fairly late in the night after a number of people had already left.

Naia and Zero Atma. Awww. They are getting married soon.

Eventually around 5 or 6 in the morning, those of us who were still at Chad's started getting tired. Luna was one of the first to fall asleep.

However, while it's typically ok for dogs to sleep on the floor, it's usually a little odd if a human does, especially if it's the person who owns the apartment. Nevertheless, Chad gave a big middle finger to social norms and conventions and chose to pass out under his coffee table.

Best party ever!!!!!!

(Also, Chad is really bad at the Weakest Link :P)

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