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Aerox avatar 1:09 PM on 08.06.2008  (server time)
Dinner and Drinking the Thursday Before PAX - TABLES ARE FILLING FAST

Sorry to whore this again, but tables for dinner the Thursday before PAX are going FAST. Word on the street is that 4 person tables aren’t even available anymore at certain times, so I’m reposting the link to this just to make sure everyone who wants to go gets a chance to. There will be nothing sadder than you getting in early on Thursday for PAX and then abandoned as the rest of us roll out to dinner. Especially now that Furniss has clarified that his party is going to be small and invite only.


In a nutshell, a huge group of us are going out to dinner at FareStart around 6:00-6:30ish. After dinner, we’re going out drinking at The Redwood. All the links and restaurant information & reviews is in the blog linked above. If you have any interest in coming, you need to act NOW and get a reservation for dinner. If you don’t want/can’t do dinner, let us know if you’re interested in coming to the bar afterwards. Please reply in the original blog post that's linked above; it's easier to sort stuff out if it's all in one place.

See everyone there!

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