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10:30 AM on 05.10.2012

Opinion. In Regards to Power of Next-Gen Consoles

Next-gen is right around the corner, and alot of you might think the Xbox 720 and the PS4 will blow the to be released this year WiiU out of the water graphicly, right? Well here's a few reasons you might be wrong.

Reason 1
Microsoft the Wild Card.

No one really knows what Microsoft is up to these days, and that might work to Nintendos advantage.
Because no one knows what there doing this might put sony in a sticky situation, because sony could release a super powered PS4 and than watch Microsoft make the Xbox 720 the same strength as the WiiU, giving sony an extreme disadvantage when it comes to third party support. Imagine the Wii but backwards.

The same thing could happen to Microsoft also. So the smart thing to do is to release the PS4, and the Xbox 720 with the same level of graphical fidelity as the WiiU, so that way you ensure you get third party support.

Reason 2
Money Money Money.

It's no secret that sony is bleeding money, so it might not be smart to release a super powered PS4 if it's going to cost 800USD, and the games cost 70USD because no one will buy it except hardcore sony fans, and graphic whores. And if they do decide to sell it cheap like for 300-400USD they will be losing so much money they'll go bankrupt in an matter of months even weeks.

Reason 3
Sonys Own Statements.

Sony them selves said "We won't focus on power next-gen"
This statement is probably the biggest reason that next-gen won't be super powered.

That's pretty much it. It really comes down to if Sony or Microsoft wants to make a big risk and make super powered consoles, because only one of them has to make a console the same power as the WiiU, and the other one is screwed. On the other hand both sony and Microsoft could make super powered consoles, than nintendo is screwed. But in this economy neither company can afford to be wrong.

P.S. This is an opinion not fact, all speculation.

P.S.S.this was my first blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Cheers and Happy Gaming.   read

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