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10:28 AM on 05.10.2010

New True Crime trailer released

New True Crime trailer has been released (as opposed to what...false crime?)

I'm looking forward to this a lot. I thought the first game was fairly bland, but enjoyed the second a lot, despite it's rough edges. It was fun to be the anti-gta and play on the side of the law for once (though with the option to be fairly dirty).

It was like the shield game, only good (god that hurt to play and I'm a MASSIVE fan of the show).

I hope they bring back evidence tampering and planting, the free style fight system and brawls and the epic storyline with great voice talent ( the second had christopher walken and laurence fishburn to name but a few).

Hong Kong is also a very interesting setting and makes a change from New York (courtesy of every free roaming game EVER).

what do you guys think?

I'm as interested in the cop side as well as the crooks...this, LA Noire and Dead to Rights were my bright hopes for some decent cop games. As Dead to Rights turned out to be the most average game ever, I hope Noir and this end up slightly better.   read

2:48 PM on 05.05.2010


dont usually blog but enjoy!

Gears 3 info....story info and a further link to new pics.

There is a new mech suit called the silverback which looks VERY much like a lost planet two mech

the new tentacle lambent look VERY lovecraftian which is awesome

humanity has split into tribes, and marcus, dom and the cog are living on a ship called the raven's nest


I'm pumped as hell for gears 3...Ironically I hate the multiplayer, but I love the story. It''s refreshing that the story is simple but full of little details (like when dom nearly gives up and lets the locust kill him in the trailer...the resigned look and lying back waiting to die is barely noticable but it's there if you go back and look), as opposed to Halo's story which got worse as it went along by overcomplicating things (but thats another blog).

Enjoy folks!   read

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