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11:30 PM on 02.02.2012

My First Blog Post and My Top Ten List

Whether Iíve grabbed your attention by saying this is my first post or by presenting a top ten list, I hope you enjoy the read. I meant for this post to be my first blog post, but I had to take a shot at Destructoids promotional improvement posting which nobody seems to care for (Self promoting, haha). Oh well. Anyways I thought I would my start by presenting my favorite games of all times. I will also present my most anticipated games, the most anticipated games from what I can gather from the community and the general consensus on the best games of all time without any remarks. Enjoy.

My Top 10 List of All Time

10) Goldeneye
9) Warcraft 3
8) Marvel Vs Capcom 2
7) Unreal Championship 2
6) Ninja Gaiden
5) Mass Effect 2
4) Rainbow 6 3
3) Uncharted 2
2) Ogre Battle 64
1) Chrono Trigger

I play a wide array of games, and I believe I have a pretty strong grasp on many of the genres. I am more of a console gamer and Goldeneye was one of those games that brought the fps market to consoles. While it has not aged well, there has never been a better game that got all your friends or family involved. Okay, maybe Halo, but that was years later. Warcraft 3 was the strategy game for people getting into the genre. It also happens to be relatively well balanced, promoting both solo and team play. While it was not nearly as demanding as Starcraft, Warcraft 3 engaged players in a different way. You had to value each of your units as even one death could lead to your defeat. I have also a huge bias as it happens to be the game where I was sponsored. I am a huge fighting game fan, but have never really connected to one as much as the mess that is Marvel vs Capcom 2. I was absolutely horrible at this game when it came out and still am. However, its also the arcade game where I wasted all my money. Although much of the cast was useless, it was not about that. For casual matches, enjoy your favorite characters. Competitive matches, on the other hand, was one of the most technical and complex fighters ever to be released.

I personally do not feel that any fps are better than Unreal Tournament 2K4, Unreal Championship 2 or Rainbow 6 3. If you played them, I think you would understand. The Unreal series is one of the fastest flowing of all fps and it evolved into one of the most competitive and entertaining matches I have ever played. Rainbow 6 3, on the other hand, feels like the military shooter we should be looking at. Yes, it is slower, but that was part of its charm. The controls were perfect, the guns were different, and it spawned some of the best maps ever created. The action/hack and slash genre is one of the most intense single player experiences you can find. Ninja Gaidenís reboot on the xbox is a challenging, but fulfilling action game. While the story was horrible, the setting was absolutely amazing. Whether you were traversing through the incredible city, battling ridiculous bosses, or enjoying your ninja abilities, no action game is more complete. The Mass Effect series and Uncharted offer great gameplay, but its their script that really shines. While both do not offer the best story, it is the character relationships that make these games so special. In both games are some of the most memorable characters ever created in video games.

I am not a big JRPG fan, but they occupy my top two. Ogre Battle offered a unique story, engaging characters, and I deep customization system. There were so many possibilities that are really only matched by tactic games. Too bad there will never be a full fledged sequel as Square Enixís acquisition has warranted no popularity among the company. Chrono Trigger is my favorite game of all time, and it really needs no explanation.

My Top 10 Most Wanted List
10) Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning
9) Street Fighter X Tekken
8) Ninja Gaiden 3
7) The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
6) Anarchy Reigns
5) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
4)Battleblock Theatre
3) Devil May Cry
2) Resident Evil 6
1) Mass Effect 3

Top 10 Most Wanted Games of 2012
10) Max Payne 3
9) Halo 4
8) The Last of Us
7) Tomb Raider
6) Bioshock Infinite
5) Grand Theft Auto 5
4) Mass Effect 3
3) Resident Evil 6
2) Guild Wars 2
1) Diablo 3

General Top 10 List of All Time
10) Street Fighter 2
9) Grand Theft Auto 3
8) Resident Evil
7) Chrono Trigger
6) Tetris
5) The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim
4) Starcraft
3) System Shock 2
2) Super Mario Bros.
1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I am pretty sure that last list will not be too popular, but I welcome the comments. Hope you enjoyed the read.   read

11:37 PM on 01.30.2012

Improvement: Skyrim: A Game We Cherish for No Reason

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not only considered to be the greatest game in the series or the genre, but one of the greatest games of all time. If there was one game you could recommend to just about anybody with a sixty dollar price tag, there probably is not one better. However, Skyrim is full of fundamental flaws we consider horrible when reviewing or analyzing games. I will not be referencing or noting the glitches as it is something we come to expect in such a vast game and we expect solutions via patches for the game in the near future. Skyrim is one of the largest games on the market, but is a game that is in need of its own identity.


Skyrim fails when it comes to the categories we associate to making a great game. We often recognize games based off of gameplay first, story second, and everything else after. Games usually need at least one of the first two in order to gain any sort of admiration or praise. However, Skyrim falls short in both areas. A large chunk of the game is action or combat oriented which would lead you to believe that it should be a fulfilling action rpg. The game unfortunately suffers from what Bethesda has been unable to solve throughout many of their games. The combat is uninteresting, especially the melee combat. No matter which close quarters weapon you use, it feels floaty and you never really feel like you are hitting anything. Essentially, it seems like you are swinging through thin air. Part of the issue is the controls itself which is mostly fulfilled through the use of one button. The other problem is visual. Your weapon goes smoothly through just about everything and enemies rarely flinch. Ranged combat suffers just as poorly. Ranged combat consists of one button with a few different options. While the ability to control magic together is interesting, nothing really sets it apart or above other games. Traversing through the game world is similar to its predecessor, but what is so great about a open game world when it is relatively empty. There are many locations, but what are most of them really used for. A dungeon with a couple rats in it does not really make it a larger world.

The Elders Scroll V also suffers in the story department. Screenwriters would grimace at not only the main storyline, but the side quests as well. Your character is another nameless nobody that happens to be the dragonborn, the savior of the city. It is a stereotypical beginning with a stereotypical end. Do you really feel for your protagonist? The main storyline follows a simple formula and does not take any chances whatsoever. There is nothing to wrap your brain around, nothing remotely interesting, and nothing that really pulls you in. A few of the side stories redeem the boring main plot, but they are few and far between. Some quests are interesting and long while others are mediocre. A big issue is the world itself. How many characters are memorable? How much of the world do you remember? It is an issue that has been prevalent throughout the seriesí history and what prevents the Elder Scrollís from being one of the most memorable seriesí of all time.


In creating a sequel, more is required than just creating a bigger game. A bigger game does not necessarily mean a better game. The combat is in need of a major rehaul. The combat could still be conducted with just a few buttons, but there has to be a refreshing way to act out your fury. By combining what makes action games like Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta so fulfilling with a simpler concept like what Skyrim uses, you could create an interesting combat system. You need more than one button to conduct melee or ranged combat. A simple combo system would create a stronger and more engaging formula. For example, one button starts a sword swing and by pressing another or the same button along with others, would result in a combo or a unique attack. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is trying to do this, and has succeeded to a certain degree based off of the demo alone. The same can be done with ranged or magic attacks by making more than one effect created by a single arrow or spell.

The story is also in need of a new formula. The setting can remain, but the events and plot need something special to make it memorable. There needs to be a few twists, more interaction between yourself and the world, and an ending that will remain with you forever. It could be something as simple as a gimmick like the one used in Bioshock or the character relationships in the Uncharted series. I am not suggesting that the series should just copy what makes other games popular, but to form its own identity. Otherwise, what separates Skyrim other than a giant open world? It makes it look like a poor mans Lord of the Rings. There also needs to be something that grabs you in the first hour of gameplay. Seeing the open world for the first time can only be amazing so many times. Skyrim may have one of the largest and most beautiful worlds created in a video game, but what else does it really have? Oh right, they have dragons.   read

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